10 Amazing Facts about Europe

10 Amazing Facts about Europe

Europe has a diverse and a mixed set of culture. It also has one of the oldest civilizations originated.

It’s a blessing for Archeologists and historians for their research work gets best of the results in Europe, with many mysteries discovered. There are several real and fun-facts which may be unheard. Below listed are some facts and amazing facts about Europe.

City of two Continents: – Istanbul perhaps is the only city that has united Asia and Europe through the mighty strait of Bosphorus. Being one of the most beautiful and an amazing city in the world, Istanbul is the only city which bridges gaps between the two continents. In 2010, Istanbul was Europe’s Cultural Capital.

Famous and Active Volcanoes: – Etna is Europe’s largest, active and most famous volcanoes in the world. Etna is a stratovolcano situated in Sicily, Southern Italy. Etna stands as one of the tallest volcanoes in the world, which erupted again in most recent times.

Largest/Smallest Country: – Europe is home to both the smallest and the largest country in the world.Vatican City State is the smallest country in Europe with 0.44sq km area while Russia stands as the largest country in Europe with 17,098,242sq km in area.

Merry Cemetery in Romania: – Cemeteries are usually the saddest place, but in Romania it has done to be an amusing and an entertaining place to be in. The tombstone are typically crafted and designed with oak wood. And the big cross placed are vividly hand painted with vibrant colours. There are also written funny epitaphs which describe the life journey of the deceased.

Statue of Liberty: – This is an unknown fact that the very famous Statue of Liberty was constructed in France by a French designer. The statue was given as a gift of friendship to the United States of America.

Mediterranean A Desert: – A piece of research for the last 40 years suggests that the Mediterranean Sea was completely dried up in the past. The dried up of sea was also known as Salinity Crisis. Mediterranean stands as the most dramatic example of the environmental crisis and complete changeover.

Greatest Empires: – Majority of the greatest empires was based in Europe. One of the largest empires declared at that time was the British Empire. It covered a quarter of Earth’s surface.

Longest Names: – It is tough to believe but Europe has got one of the longest names which is registered officially and stands unbeaten. A name of a village in Wales, United Kingdom has 58 letters in its name and is the longest European one-word place name.

Ant’s Colony: – The world’s largest colony of ants was found in Europe.The colony was measured in 6000 kilometers and was all the way from Spain to the Northern part of Italy.

Different Country Different Law: – Number of European countries has different laws, like it’s forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland. On Sunday’s one cannot laundry clothes and mow the lawn. Greece had banned all sorts of online and electronic games not only gambling game but even harmless games like online chess and solitaire.

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