About Meghalaya Elections

A shaky administration has been the defining point for Meghalaya elections since the time of its first assembly polls in 1971, when it became an independent state from Assam.

Instances of appointing Chief Ministers via lottery, a coin toss deciding which of the two alliance partners would rule first, an independent MLA trusted to be the Chief Minister, are testimonies to the fact.

The 9th elections for the Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya were held in the year 2013, where the Indian National Congress won 29 out of the 56 seats a vote share of 54.78%, with Mukul Sangma as the Chief Minister. While BJP contested 13 seats, and did not manage to secure a single seat win, but manage to secure 6.2% vote share. In addition to the precarious situation, Meghalaya is no stranger to the experiments of coalition politics and has seen various combinations of regional and national parties coming together to establish some order. The state also faces serious issues in terms of the threats posed by the United Liberation Front of Asom and the National Democratic Front of the Bodoland.

The state now faces a three-way contest, with Congress looking to fight tooth and nail to retain control of the state, Bharatiya Janata Party leaving no stone unturned to make inroads in the state and the regional parties willing to build upon the connect to the electorate.

BJP’s war footing for Meghalaya Elections in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a series of development projects in the state ahead of elections. The saffron party went all-out for an extensive campaign to better its prospects in the north-east and the thumping win in Assam in 2016 bolstered its confidence.

Assembly Elections 2018 in Meghalaya had thrown up a hung verdict making post-poll alliances crucial to government formation in the northeastern state. Congress party won 21 of the 59 seats that went to poll earlier, while National People’s Party bagged 19. But BJP outwitted Congress, by winning just two seats; they outmaneuvered the Congress, forming a coalition government. BJP lost no time In keeping the Congress at bay and set up a mega alliance and secure the support of 34 Legislators to form the next government.

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