About Pondicherry Elections

The Legislative Assembly election in the Indian Union Territory of Pondicherry was held on 16 May 2016 in order to elect members of the 30 constituencies in the non-contiguous territory.

In 2016 Pondicherry recorded 81.94 % polling, during the Assembly poll in 930 booths across the Union Territory. In 30 constituencies there were 344 candidates in the fray of Union Territory of Pondicherry.The duo parties Congress-DMK made the Congress party to be stronger and politically effective. Also, the candidates who represented both the parties are well recognized by the people and both the parties has said that as soon as they come to charge they would get a hike in pension to widows, will distribute free laptops to the Higher secondary school students, would try to ban liquor and also will amend policies to retain violence.

By the requirement the elections must be held at an interval of five years or whenever the Assembly is dissolved by the President. The previous election was conducted in the Union Territory of Pondicherry in 2011, where the election was conducted by the Election Commission of India. There was an alliance in the region of DravidaMunnetraKazhagam (DMK) and the Indian National Congress (INC), where they contested 9 and 21 seats respectively. Ruling AINRC, BJP, and ADMK contested separately.

For the Assembly Elections of 2016 The Union Territory of Pondicherry went into polls in a single phase on 16th May 2016 in order to select representatives from 30 constituencies in Pondicherry. Chief Minister N. Rangasamy and his party, the AINRC looked to consolidate its support base in those elections. Queering the pitch for AINRC were another major contenders such as the Congress, DMK, and PWF.

For the scheduled 2019 elections, a proper alliance has been stitched to give a defeat to the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party. On the contrary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hit out at the bone family dynasty rule of Congress for 48 years and has challenged with the achievements of the development oriented NDA, for the last four years. Various schemes and yojnas are being talked about by the competing political parties who are eying the next elections in Pondicherry scheduled to be in 2019.

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