About Us


Times of Election is a web portal which caters and gives its readers abundance of feeds related to politics around the globe. You think it and we have it. The website is ready with the very much interest of its readers and assures a maximum coverage and provides passable information in terms of world leaders, political arena across the world, about political hustle and bustle within India. The website stands erect on the base of a good informatory portal wherein, there is adequate space for its readers to gain maximum information regarding the whole concept of Elections in the world, the entire background of political system in India and also readers have a broad chance to read about his/her most loved politician.

This is one of its own unique website which has its base solely on the fact that maximum information shall be passed on to its readers.The core intention of forming this site is to be people’s voice and gradually establish this newly formed firm to be constructive and crusade in the field of sharing news about politics. A fearless portal ready to create opinion and welcomes the feedback of its readers and provides an optimum scope of sharing their concerned views on either of the write ups.

Though a new firm,it’s quickly establishing an enviable reputation- nationally. The quality of the content, the writers associated flashes eminence in their articles. There is also the refinement of its analyses and ideas shared. There prevails a sense of increasingly influencing opinions of the readers where the reader can share their respective point of view on certain write ups which will go to the admin. And with keeping in mind the sensibility and the curiosity of sharing his/her views through their comments will be flashed on the web.

The comments and views shared by our readers get flashed on the web after approved by admin, which allows them to get an exposure in sharing their highly valued views. The admin of the website doesn’t vouch for the authenticity of the reader and also doesn’t vouch for the comment quality and content written. The comment is solely a subject to individual opinion.

The categorization of The Times of Elections follows as the information regarding India which has sub-categories of the “Structure of Parliament”, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Sitting MP’s of Parliament and Anglo Indian MP’s. It further gets segregated in the political information” Across the Globe”, about entire “States and Union Territories” within India, followed by Oipinions and what’s New.

The core value of public interest and to provide exact information featuring political aspects makes Times of Election a new and poised website in itself. Though a complete new set-up, Times of Election stands different in its format and also aims at scaling up of visibility and readership.

The source of information as of for now is widely dependent on the feeds provided on the internet but also has a wide feature where readers get a detailed description through the depth of the articles and content shared in different  categories which also is a great source of knowledge enhancement..

The orientation of setting up this site is to create a scope of a source of information wherein the readers may get detailed and day to day information about the happenings in unpredicted field of politics. The comments and vies of readers are always welcome and a privilege to know their thoughts.

December 2018 would the delightful period where Times of Election aims to remain a passive vehicle of informatory source. The website aims to establish itself firmly as people’s choice. Times of Election aim to earn unmatched credibility and form a brand in itself.

Times of Election till December 2018 would come up with the wholesome and accurate information with newly formed ideas and much more to the capacity of its readers.