Canadian Political System

Canadian Political System

The elected representatives by the Canadian citizens go to the House of Commons. With this the House of Commons makes laws. A simple pattern is followed in formation of the Government in Canada.

The representatives elected belong to either of the Political Party, and they are designated as MP’s (Members of Parliament). The political party which has largest number of MP’s forms the government, from there they choose the most preferential, influential and suitable candidate as their Prime Minister.

In Canada there are three levels of government. Each level of government maintains different kinds of responsibilities.

Federal Government: – There are three parts at the federal level:

  • Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada is the Canada’s formal Head of State.
  • The House of Commons makes Canada’s laws.
  • The Prime Minister is the head of government in Canada.

Provincial and Territorial Governments: –                                                                                                                           

  • The Legislative Assembly makes law.
  • The Lieutenant Governor represents the Queen.

Municipal (local) government: –                                                                                                                             

  • The Province of Ontario frames the structure, finances and management of the local government bodies.
  • Municipality Residents choose their Mayor and Council Members to lead the Local government.
  • Municipality can also be active on larger country or on regional government.


The Federal administration of Canada can collectively mean the set of institutions or the specification of the Queen-in-Council. The Constitution Act, 1867 frames that as a Federal constitutional monarchy where the Canadian crown acts as a core or the most basic building block of its Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.

Hence, the Executive, legislative and the judicial branches of the Canadian government has a foundation in the Crown. The written statutes, court rulings and unwritten conventions are outlined in the rest of the Canadian Constitution which are developed over centuries.

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