Congress woman leader calls Zakir Naik a saint

Congress woman leader calls Zakir Naik a ‘saint’!

Congress MLA Mrs.Vijayadharani from Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu not only showered praise on Zakir Naik but asks the Muslim community to throw out Modi govenment because the government is scaring Zakir’s entry into India with an arrest for his hate speech and money laundering!

She also called Zakir a ‘saint’!

A few years ago she called Congress an anti-women party in Tamil Nadu after she was removed from her position.

Congress MLA S. Vijayadharani, who was removed from the post of Tamil Nadu Mahila Congress president on Friday, said the party, which has a woman as national president, had turned into an “anti-woman party” in the State.

In a frontal attack on TNCC president E.V.K.S. Elangovan, she said that the Congress organization had been destroyed under his leadership. “He has alienated every other leader in the TNCC to the extent that people are losing hope. Mr. Elangovan feels woman should not be in politics and that is why you see him making such outrageous remarks against women leaders, including Chief Minister Jayalalithaa,” Ms. Vijayadharani alleged.

Previously, Congress leader Digvijay Singh has coined Zakir Naik as a ‘Messenger of Peace’ and had praised him immensely.

Zakir Naik has been attacking Hindus for worshipping idols and deities and has been giving very filthy remarks about Hindu Gods and Goddesses for many years in his lectures and public speeches.

It is believed that he is holed up in an Islamic nation. He has also been known for forcing people to embrace Islam and has been giving objectionable remarks about other beliefs and faiths.

He has also been publicly attacking other factions of Muslims and other religions like Christianity and Judaism.

This ill-famed and notorious crook has been justifying violence against women and has been preaching hatred against many sects and beliefs for many years.

In spite of his awful speeches and conduct, he has been enjoying the support of a few Indian politicians, film starts and celebrities. Soon after BJP came to power, he was accused of many dubious acts and had to flee the nation fearing arrest.

He has also been accused of not paying salary to his employees on time and running away with people’s money. Nonetheless, Congress has been supporting him to get votes of Muslim community.


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