Countries with strongest military

Countries with Strongest Military

The list of the nations with the strongest military base takes into account different factors, including each nation’s potential war making capability across land, sea and air and its resources and finances.

The methods of rankings assess the diversity of weapons and also the availability of the man-power. The geographical theory, logistical capacity, availability of natural resources and also the capacity of the local industry are taken into account. Read on to find the top 15 nation with strongest military.

15. Israel – The total population of Israel is of 8,174,527 out of which military personnel in total adds up to 718, 250. If we speak about the defense strength of the nation the total aircraft strength is of 652 they have 243 fighter aircraft, 2620 Combat tanks. The total naval asset is 65. In all to maintain all the mentioned required the total defense budget is of $15.5 billion.

14. Indonesia – Total populations calculated is 258,316,051 and the military personnel capacity is filled by 975,750. Talking about the defense strength Indonesia has 39 Fighter aircrafts, where the total aircraft strength is of 441. 418 combat tanks and 221 are the total naval assets. Defense budget is $6.9 billion.

13. Pakistan – Pakistan is one of the nation with strongest military as the country has a population of 201,995,540 where 919,000 are joined with the military and the defense assets include 301 fighter aircrafts, 951 total aircrafts, 2924 combat tanks, 197 naval assets and the summed up defense budget is of $7 billion.

12. South Korea – South Korea population stands at 50,924,172 with 5,829,750 are the military personnel and the defense strength suggests total 1477 aircrafts, of which fighter aircraft are 406, Combat tanks 2654 and total defense budget is of $43.8 billion.

11. Italy – Italy’s total population is of 62,007,540 and 267,500 have opted for military. The total number of aircrafts of Italy’s defense is of 822 where 79 are fighter aircraft and 200 combat tanks. This makes the nation as the nation with powerful military. The defense budget of Italy is set at $34 billion.

10. Egypt – Egypt also marks itself as the nation with a strongest military. Out of 94,666,993 of total population 1,329,250 are the military personnel. Total aircrafts are 1,132 of which 337 are the fighter aircrafts. The defense budget of the country is set at $4.4 billion.

9. Germany – Germany stands as one of the nation with strongest military and hence out of 80,722,792 populations 210, 000 are military personnel. Aircraft strength is set at 698 out of which 92 are fighter planes and 543 combat tanks. The defense budget of Germany is of $39.2 billion

8. Turkey – Turkey forms the total population of 80,274,604 and contributes 743,415 people in military. The nation has 1018 total aircrafts and 207 fighter planes.2, 445 Combat tanks are in presence and the defense budget of the country is $8.2 billion.

7. Japan – Japan is one of the strongest military base nations and out of 126,702,133 populations 311,875 people are military personnel. With defense budget of $43.8 billion Japan has 1,594 total aircrafts out of which 288 are fighter airplanes.

6. United Kingdom – United Kingdom stands at number six in the list of nations with strongest military. UK has a population of 64,430,428 and 232,675 military personnel and strength of 856 aircrafts and 88 fighter aircrafts. They have 249 combat tanks and the set defense budget is of $45.7 billion.

5. France – On the fifth position in the list of nation with strongest military is France. France has a population of 66,836,154 and military personnel are 387,635. The strength of aircraft is of 1,305 and 296 fighter aircraft. They have 406 Combat tanks and $35 billion is set for the defense budget.

4. India – At number four is one of the emerging superpower India. India has a population of 1,266,883,598 and military personnel strength is of 4,207,250. The amazing strengthened aircrafts sums up to 2,102 and the country has 676 fighter aircraft. India has 4,426 combat tanks which are huge in numbers and the set budget for defense is $51 billion.

3. China – China is one of the super powers in the Asian region and also has a strong man force. The total population of China is 1,373,541,278 out of which a strong number of 3,712,500 are of the military personnel. China ranks thirds in the nation with strongest military and have 2,955 total aircrafts and 1,271 is fighter aircrafts. Huge number of combat tanks China is in possession of i.e. 6,457 and the defense budget of China is whooping amount of $161.7 billion.

2. Russia – The second in the rank of strongest military is Russia which has 142,355,415 as its total population and 3,371,027 as their military personnel. Russia is in possession of advanced technology for the defense purposes and has 3,794 as the total number of aircrafts and 806 fighter aircraft. It has largest number of combat tanks .e. 20,216 and the structured defense budget of Russia is $44.6 billion.

1. United States – Topping the list of nation with strongest military is the United States of America. US is the superpower and with a population of 323,995,528 the country has 2,363,675 as its military personnel strength. It has a large number of aircrafts i.e. 13,762 and the numbers of fighter aircrafts are 2,296. US have 5,884 combat tanks and the declared defense budget of the state is of $587.8 billion.


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