The National Capital- Delhi Political Background

Delhi is the capital of the country and has always held lawmaking political importance. Although it is a union territory, it has its own Judiciary, Executive and Legislature, so it is regarded as a state. Post-independence, Delhi was governed by the most predominant party Indian National Congress but shortly the term ended and only after 37 years in 1993; Bharatiya Janta Party took the charge. The most prominent reign of Mrs. Sheila Dixit for 15 years as Chief Minister of India is an accountable journey. Later in 2015, AAP took over the Delhi Government and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was appointed Chief Minister of Delhi.

Political Parties in Delhi

The national parties: Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Communist Party of India, Marxist, Communist Party of India, Socialist Party,  Kisan Majdoor Praja Party, All India Scheduled Caste Federation, FBL (MG) – F.B (Marxist Group), RSP – Revolutionary Socialist Party, RRP – Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad, HMS – Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha

The regional parties : Shiromani Akali Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Aam Aadmi Party

The Legislature-Delhi

Delhi has a unicameral lawmaking body, known as Vidhan Sabha with 70 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA). Old Secretariat Building is the seat of Legislative Assembly in Delhi, which is also the seat of Central Government. The Assembly Elections were held in Delhi in 2015 and AAP formed its government by sweeping away all opposition leaders.

Delhi Election Results 2015- An Overview

Delhi’s remarkable political history saw another unseen turn when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won the Assembly elections in 2015. The opposition was not held strong even by a predominant ruling party, BJP. AAP with Arvind Kejriwal as its leader got a lot more numbers in elections than expectation and became Chief Minister of Delhi.

Upcoming Elections

With the ongoing Modi Wave in the country, BJP is eyeing for Delhi in coming elections for sure. Apart from this, all other major parties like Congress is also gearing up for Capital seat, whereas the ruling party, AAP would leave no stone unturned to remain in power. There have been a lot of grim issues ongoing in the Capital that has dented the image of AAP government. In such scenario, it would be interesting to see who would get ahead in the race.

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