Famous Political Leaders of US

America, the world’s foremost military and economic power and a prominent political and cultural force, has been led by several highly efficient and progressive leaders since the time of its emergence as an independent nation in 1776.

One of the founding fathers of the United States Of America, George Washington, who led the American Revolution and later served as the country’s first president is without doubt one of the greatest leaders America has ever produced.

Below listed are some famous political leaders of The United States of America.

  • Donald Trump: – Trump is one of the most controversial politicians of today’s times. He is the 45th elected President of US, along with being a politician he is also listed in most successful businessman. Despite controversies doing round him he ran for 2016 Presidential elections as a Republican and defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He is the first President of US without any military or government service background.
  • Barack Obama: – Barack Obama was the 44th US President. He was the 1st American-African President to hold the office.
  • Abraham Lincoln: – He is probably the one politician in the history of America who outshines all others and manages to gain maximum attention till date. Lincoln was by far most powerful and greatest of all Presidents America has ever witnessed. He was a prominent Lawyer as well.
  • George Washington: – George Washington was the first President of the United States and even the founding fathers of US. He led the continental Army at the time of The American Revolution.He governed the newly formed country nearly for eight years.
  • George W Bush: – George Walker Bush was the 43rd President of the United States. He served this post for two consecutive two years. He was the Republican candidate for the year 2000 which he won defeating Democratic candidate Al Gore.
  • Hillary Clinton: – Hillary is also an American lawyer along with being a full time politician. She served as the 67th United States state secretary; she was also the candidate for the Democratic Party for President of United States in 2016 elections, which she lost opposite Republican candidate Donald Trump.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: – He was one of the most prominent politicians of the United States who went on to become the 26th President of the country. He was said to America’s first ever truly modern President.
  • Joe Biden: – Joe was jointly elected the Vice President of the United States with President Obama in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. There were speculations that Biden would run for 2016 Presidential elections.
  • Ronald Reagan: – Ronald marks his name in the most historic names in the history of politics in US. He changed the entire narrative of the country in the political and economic condition of the country. He was 40th President of the United States.
  • Robert F. Kennedy: – He was the most famous politician during 1960’s. He was the younger brother of the US President John F. Kennedy. Robert served thrice for the senator for New York and was also serving US Attorney General under his brother.

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