Famous Politicians of Japan

Famous Politicians of Japan

In Japanese politics, being memorable often boils down to longevity in office, simply because Japan has had so many Prime Ministers in the post war period. Following are some of the most famous leaders in Japan.

Yukio Hatoyama: – Yukio is a former Prime Minister of Japan who served from 16 September 2009 to 2 June 2010. He was the first Prime Minister to represent modern Democratic Party of Japan.

Naoto Kan: – He is a Japanese politician and had also been former Prime Minister of Japan.  Kan was elected as the leader of the Democratic Party and was appointed as the PM.

Taro Yamamoto: – Currently serving as the member of the House of Councillors and also Co-chairman and Policy Deliberation Chairman of Liberal Party. Taro is a Japanese politician and was former actor.

Katsuya Okada: – Katsuya is a Japanese politician who has also served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan from January to December 2012. He represented the Democratic Party of Japan, of which he was the Party President.

Shinzo Abe: – Shinzo Abe is a Japanese politician who is currently serving as the 57th Prime Minister of Japan. He is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and is the third longest serving Prime Minister post-war Japan.

Shintaro Abe: – Shintaro was the leading member of the ruling liberal Democratic Party, where he also served as a foreign minister from 1982- 1086.

Takako Doi: – Takako had a prominence in political scenario of Japan. She was a prominent politician from 1980 and was retired in 2005. She held the post of first female Lower House Speaker in Japan. This was termed to be the highest position ever to be occupied by a female in the history of Japan politics. She belonged to Japanese Socialist Party, Social Democratic Party.

Shintaro Ishihara: – Shintaro held the post of Governor of Tokyo from 1999- 2012. He had a prominence by being the former- leader of right-leaning Japan Restoration Party. He is termed to be one of the most effective conservative right-wing politicians in modern Japanese politics.

Hisashi Owada: – Hisashi is a former Japanese diplomat and also a law professor who has served as a judge on the international court of justice since 2002.

Ichiro Ozawa: – Ichiro is a Japanese politician and was also the member of House of Representatives since 1969. He is termed as the influential thread back-room hence he is nicknamed as Shadow Shogun. He was affiliated to Liberal Democratic Party.



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