Governor of Jharkhand

Know the first to current governors of Jharkhand state in Bihar, India, here the lists of governors of Jharkhand mentioned below:

Prabhat Kumar (15 November 2000 – 3 February 2002): Prabhat Kumar is a leading Indian politician and retired civil servant. He is also an Indian Administrative Service of the 1963 batch; he was a Cabinet Secretary between 1998 and 2000. He was also a first governor of Jharkhand from 15 November 2000 – 3 February 2002.

V.C Pande (Additional Charge) (4 February 2002 – 14 July 2002): V.C Pande has successfully ruled as governor of Jharkhand state from 4 February 2002 – 14 July 2002.

M. Rama Jois (15 July 2002 – 11 June 2003): Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois is presently serving as a current member of Rajya Sabha, he is also a former governor of Jharkhand and continued his job from 15 July 2002 – 11 June 2003.

Ved Marwah (12 June 2003 – 9 December 2004): Ved Marwah was a member of the Indian Police Service, he has held projects in various regions in India throughout his 36-year career, as well as he served as a Commissioner of Police, Delhi; Director General of the National Security Guard; and he was a governor of Jharkhand from 12 June 2003 – 9 December 2004.

Syed Sibtey Razi (10 December 2004 – 25 July 2009): Syed Sibtey Razi is prominent Indian politician from the Indian National Congress. He served as a Governor of Jharkhand during 10 December 2004 – 25 July 2009.

Kateekal Sankaranarayanan (26 July 2009 – 21 January 2010): Kateekal Sankaranarayanan is the former governor of Jharkhand from 26 July 2009 – 21 January 2010.  Prior to his employment as governor, he was also a minister in various Congress commanded governments of Kerala led by Chief Ministers. A K Antony and K Karunakaran.

M.O. Hasan Farook Maricar (22 January 2010 – 3 September 2011): M. O. Hasan Farook Maricar served as a three-time Chief Minister of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. He served as the youngest chief minister of India. He was a governor of Jharkhand from 22 January 2010 – 3 September 2011.

Syed Ahmed (4 September 2011 – 17 May 2015): Syed Ahmed served as a famous political leader and an active member of the Congress Party. He was a Rajyapal of Jharkhand from 4 September 2011 – 17 May 2015.

Draupadi Murmu (Active since 18 May 2015): Draupadi Murmu is an eminent Indian politician from Mayurbhanj, Odisha. She was also a Governor of Jharkhand an active since 18 May 2015.



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