Gujarat Political Background

Post-Independence, the state of Gujarat has always held a traditional political importance to the country. In the year 1947, the most predominant party of that time Indian National Congress ruled over Bombay, Maharashtra and present-day Gujarat. The Congress rule continued even after the declaration of a full-fledged state of Gujarat in 1960. After a long reign in Gujarat, Congress lost its power during the elections of 1995 to Bharatiya Janata Party, which further ruled for next two years. Then some political disturbance phase remained in the state till 2001, when BJP came under the visionary, Shri Narendra Modi. He is the one to change the phase of Gujarat on Indian map in a short span of time.

Main National political parties in Gujarat

National parties are: The Indian National Congress (INC), The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Regional parties are: Bharatiya Rashtravadi Paksha, Gujarat Adijati Vikash Paksha    Gujarat State Janta Congress

The Legislature

The state of Gujarat has a unicameral lawmaking.

State Legislative Assembly

Also known as Vidhan Sabha, the Gujarat state is governed by a Legislative assembly comprising of 182 members elected from 182 constituencies. Out of these 182 seats, 13 seats are reserved for the scheduled castes and 26 seats for the scheduled tribes. The tenure of the assembly is for 5 years. The speaker presides over the meetings in the house and administration of the state is handled by Chief Minister.

Gujarat Lok Sabha Election 2014-An Overview

The 16th Lok Sabha elections were dominated by a massive difference of votes and 31% of seats by the ruling party, BJP. BJP has single-handedly broken all records and brought the long legacy of Congress to an end in the state of Gujarat. Apart from Congress, NDA was also faced off by BJP that managed to win 336 seats. The 2014 elections were all painted in saffron in the westernmost state of India.

Upcoming Elections

The opinion polls about upcoming elections in Gujarat and the results of 2018 civic polls have made it quite clear that Bharatiya Janta Party would continue to make remarkable results in next elections as well. With the ongoing Modi Wave and strong grip of the party over the state government leave no space for speculations for opponent parties. Any miracle can only turn the tables, and it is quite obvious about the BJP winning the next elections in 2019 as well.

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