How racism is misused in Indian Political System

How racism is misused in Indian Political System

In India, racism is misused every day by the political bodies of the country. BJP and Congress- the two main as well as leading parties of the country both utilize the path of racism to get votes. Other parties like AAP, Samajwadi Party, and many others are using the same mode to make their vote bank strong. Well, we just can’t blame the Political Parties to use racism as their weapon, as the whole country believes in the same The world values survey released a report in which we can see that India is the second largest country in the world, where racism is followed. People treat each other on the basis of colour as well as caste and this situation is prevalent in the current scenario as well.

In India, the community is divided among higher castes, lower castes (OBC), Scheduled Castes (Dalit) and Scheduled Tribes (Adivasis). Well, the vote bank of the government can be strong by castes like SC and ST as the person who belongs under these categories are not so educated and intelligent. They are not able to understand what the government is doing and the real purpose behind racism and caste system.

It is really hard to change the caste politics in India as there has been a high flux in caste politics which is caused by economic liberalization in India. To make their vote bank strong government is not removing the reservations from India despite several protests. They know that if the existing government will implement any decision then, their votes from lower caste people will reduce.

Here we will have a look at the role of castes and racism in the Indian political system:

Caste Factor in Political Socialization and Leadership Recruitment:

Behind different political parties, different caste groups work to gather the votes. BJP supports Hindu religion and is known as the Anti-Muslim party. Right from birth, the people receive a caste and they turn up as a part of a particular caste group. Racism has the power to change the entire game of the leadership of India.

Caste and Party Politics:

Indian political parties and caste factor always go hand in hand but, some follow it directly while some indirectly. Like, DMK and AIADMK are non-Brahmin or rather anti-Brahmin political parties of Tamil Nadu. BSP gain their votes from Scheduled Castes and the BJP largely supports Hindus.

Racism and Elections:

The racism and caste factor is one of the most vital factors of electoral politics in India. All political parties like BJP, Congress, SAPA, and others, give great importance to the caste factor in choosing their candidates and to make their vote bank strong.

Indian Politics and Cohesive Factor:

Indian political groups struggle for power and castes acts as a cohesive force in politics. It gives a foundation to the development of several interest groups.

Caste has been emerging as a factor in the selection of leaders and their party. The aspiration of the political party is the biggest reason why racism continues in India.



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