Imran Khan Pakistan will hit back if India strikes

Imran Khan: Pakistan will hit back if India strikes

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned India that Pakistan will hit back if India strikes Pakistan.

In a television address Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country Pakistan has suffered a lot due to terrorism and wants to have a peaceful dialogue with India. He also said that if India presents any proof that Pakistan is linked to the Pulwama attacks, he will take action those who are found guilty.

He also said that if India strikes Pakistan then Pakistan will not hesitate to retaliate. Despite of these claims made by Imran, there are substantial evidences that Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI supported militant outfit JeM(Jaish-e-Mohammed) to carry on the recent terrorist attacks.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is believed to be a mere puppet of the military regime in Pakistan, the real control in Pakistan is in the hands of army.

There is also a belief that Pakistan’s army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa masterminded the attacks as his term is going to get over soon and he wants his term to be extended. He wanted to create a bad situation between the two countries so that he can get his term extended.

Though Pakistan plays the victim card and says that it has paid a very heavy price because of terrorism, it is regarded as the leading terrorist nation in the world.

Leader of the Afghan Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar widely known as Mullah Omar is believed to have died in Pakistan in around 2013. He was one of the leading terrorists in the world.

Osama Bin laden, who was the founder of terrorist organization Al-Qaeda was found holed up at a place named Abbottabad in Pakistan and was gunned down by the American forces in 2011.

Pakistan may deny the charges leveled against it by India but Pakistan has been deeply involved in terrorist activities and in supporting acts of terror for many decades.

Pakistan is looked down at because of playing an active role in execution of many terrorist activities all over the world.

Syed Salauddin, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and JeM founder Maulana Mohammad Azhar are some of the leading terrorists in the world who have been operating from Pakistan for several decades under the patronage of ISI and Pakistan’s army.

Maulana Masood Azhar is the founder and leader of the UN-designated terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed which has its headquarters at Bahawalpur in Pakistan and is very highly active in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

JeM is the militant organization which masterminded the cowardly terrorist attacks in Pulwama.




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