IS the Governing Party Prepared for 2019 Elections

Is the governing party prepared for 2019 elections?

“Democracy is device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”

State Wise Analysis for the Upcoming LokSabha Elections:

Uttar Pradesh – Strong Mega Alliance of BSP-SP-Congress may affect BJP’s vote share but still they would manage around 50 out of 80seats.

Bihar – Again a tough competition from the mega alliance but BJP can manage around 22 out of 40 seats.

Madhya Pradesh – People here are happy with the BJP leadership hence they can snatch around 26 seats out of 29.

Rajasthan – Opposition is very weak here so BJP is expected to sweep around 22 out of 25 seats.

Gujarat – Patel movement would affect a bit to BJP but BJP is still expected to win around 22 seats out of 26.

Jharkhand – Regional parties are having a tough time here therefore BJP may emerge victorious in around 12 out of 14 seats.

Uttarakhand – Undoubtebly clean sweep for BJP 5 out of 5.

Haryana – Opposition is weakening and may form a coalition still BJP may pick around 8 out of 10 seats.

Assam – Tough to predict as in the state election there was a historic win for BJP, So BJP may get 10 out of 14 seats.

Himachal Pradesh – Once again a clean sweep for BJP 4 out of 4.

Delhi – People are quite satisfied with the CM as well as PM so despite of AAPs tough competition BJP may grab 4 out of 7 seats.

Karnataka – Congress is a strong competitor here and cant be washed out so BJP is expected to bag around 16 out of 28 seats.

Maharashtra­– Again tough to predict but now the voters here have shown faith in BJP instead of Major party present there so BJP may bag around 28 out of 48 seats which would be a great achievement.

Punjab – BJP may win around  5 out of 13 seats due to tough competition from AAP and Congress.

Jammu and Kashmir – Unpredictable Voters but along with PDP party BJP may bag around 5 seats out of 6.

Andhra Pradesh – Taking benefit from the fall of Congress and YSR,  BJP and TDP alliance would bag around 20 out of 25 seats.

Odisha – Tough to Remove BJD from rule as the people here are satisfied with the ruling party and hence supporting them from decades hence BJP has to satisfy here with around 6 seats out of 21.

West Bengal – Didi is still the most loved political figure here still by trying very hard BJP can manage to bag around 4 seats in total out of    42.

Tamil Nadu – Impossible for BJP to penetrate here so BJP alliance here may win 1 seat out of 39.

Kerala – Here the score for BJP allies will be 0.

Union Territories – BJP can bag around 3 seats out of 6.

Goa and North Eastern States – 5 out of 11 seats can be won by BJP.

Factors playing major role in BJP’s win for 2019:

Make in India


Jan dhanyojana

So According to this Expectation BJP is getting a clear majority for the upcoming Elections.

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