Is Twitter biased

Is Twitter biased?

Leading social media website Twitter has been accused of bias by the BJP. Twitter became controversial earlier too when its CEO raised a placard with ‘smash Brahmin patriarchy’ written on it.

Twitter has been in news for both right and wrong reasons. This social media platform is known for controversial remarks and heated comments. Right wing party BJP has summoned Twitter staff, accusing it of being against the BJP, just before the general elections.

BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh, held a protest recently in relation to the issue. He blamed Twitter of shutting down pro-BJP and right-wing accounts.

Those managing content on Twitter complained against Twitter. Complains were against “partisan approach” and “ideological bias”.

Twitter officials will appear before a panel on 11th February 2019 to discuss ‘safeguarding citizens’ rights on social/online media platforms.The panel would also look into other issues, including the generation of fake news in relation to India’s general elections scheduled to take place in April-May.

As many as 7 million tweets were made in November and December during Vidhan Sabha elections of Indian states which took place recently, according to the micro-blogging website.

Social media’s role in elections has become extremely important; this is something which was not expected a decade ago. There is a competition among politicians to have as many followers as they possibly can on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and attract as many visitors as possible on their website.

These platforms make a huge contribution in impacting the opinion of the voters and influencing them. Those political leaders who don’t have a strong social media presence, find it difficult to attract supporters and gain fan following.

Twitter has been used more than any other social media platform by politicians to blame, accuse and attack each other. Since there is a very small word limit on Twitter, not much can be said by the user, but just one sentence creates uproar and controversy, which often goes beyond imagination. So many leaders have been trolled for their remarks on Twitter and mainstream media also focus a lot on Twitter accounts of leading Indian politicians.


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