Political Movement in Gujarat

Reservation is the most sensitive and controversial issue of India. At the time of the very much hyped up situation in Gujarat, where the assembly election of Gujarat were at its peak, a huge rally was organized by the Patidar leader Hardik Patel, in favour of Patel community demanding reservation for them.

The rally was termed as Patidar Anmat Andolan, a highly political motivated movement where the leaders of the Patel community and other backward caste gathered in huge numbers demanding reservations for their respective people.

Rally could afford to gather around 5lakh people of Patidar/Patel community and making it a 4km long stretched rally. The political movement of Patidar Anmat Andolan took a vast turn and the changes in the events on ground level of Gujarat politics was much talked about. The movement immediately caught the national attention.

After Independence, the Constitution of India gave reservation status to three categories to up bring certain backward people. It was divided in to Scheduled Caste (SC), Schedule Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Caste (OBC). Policymaker at that time, decided to give reservation on caste base and not on economical basis. They thought backwardness was spread among certain caste and community of people, not just individually. Adding more problem to it, Mandal Commission, was formed in 1979 which increased reservation quotas from 27% to 50%. This was the major mistake they did at that time, whose sparks are still burning people in this country. According to patidar anmat sangh, due to reservation quotas, a large number of economically small farmers in Saurashtra region are committing suicide as they cannot stand financially or get benefits like other OBC communities get.

Patidars play a major role in Gujarat politics. Though none of the political parties in Gujarat came in support or opposition of this movement, even opposition party Congress didn’t support the idea. Seeing this large scale movement for reservations, many other communities also came in support of Patidar Anmat Andolan. Gujjars from neighboring Rajasthan state, who themselves are running a reservation movement from long time gave complete support to Patidars. Patidar community from another state Madhya Pradesh also came in support for this movement. Looking at the rise of patidar andolan, other general categorycommunities of Gujarat also came into picture for the reservation movement. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, soni and other communities also organized rallies and send their demand for reservation to government.

With this very much hyped agitation, reservation movement will spread like a virus, from one region to another, from one caste to another community, in the largest democratic country of the world.

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