Political Parties in Kerala

Basic facts about Political parties of all states in India are same and it will not change till all government bodies feel the importance of development in education level. Following are some of the fa mous political parties in Kerala.

Left Democratic Front (LDF): – LDF is one of the two major political coalitions in Kerala; the other being united Democratic Front. Each of the parties had been into dominance for the last two decades. LDF won the May 2016 election, and is the current ruling party in the State of Kerala. The party is led by Communist party’s like CPI (M) and CPI. Communism in Kerala has a rich history. Political ideologies followed are Communism, Marxism-Leninism. (Factions) Civic Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, Secularism, Social Democracy, Social Liberalism.

Indian Union Muslim League: – This political party of India is constitutionally recognized and holds a tag of being state party of Kerala by Election Commission of India. The party was founded a decade ago on 10 March 1948. Political ideologies followed are, Indian Muslim Nationalism, Muslim Democracy, and Civil Rights for Muslims in India. Indian Union Muslim League is the successor of The All India Muslim League.

Communist Marxist Party: – CPI(M) leader M.V Raghavan had a difference of opinion regarding the formation of alliances with the Muslim League; hence the party was founded in 1986. The Communist Marxist Party is formed after splitting from Communist Party of India (Marxist). Political ideologies followed are Marxism, Communism. This falls in the most famous political parties in Kerala.

Kerala Congress (Jacob): – A faction of Kerala Congress, this party has been formed by former minister late T. M. Jacob and is a registered regional political party in the Indian State of Kerala. The party is in alliance with United Democratic Front. Political ideologies followed are, Secularism, Socialism, Democracy.

Janathipathiya Samrakshana Samithy: – It is a member of the National Democratic Alliance, the alliance in Kerala led by the Bharatiya Janata Party. The party was formed in 1994. Political ideologies followed are Communism, Marxism.

Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee: – K.P.C.C is the unit of Indian National Congress which is one of the world’s largest political organization. The party was founded in 1921. Political ideologies followed are, Populism, Social Liberalism, Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, Secularism.


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