Political Parties in Nagaland

Major National Parties:

Indian National Congress (INC)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Minor National Level Parties:

National People’s Party (NPP): – The founder of the political party NPP in Nagaland wassenior Nationalist Congress Party leader P.A Sangma, after his expulsion from the party. The political party has its major influence in Meghalaya.  The party NPP has 2 seat shares in Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Political ideologies followed are Indian Nationalism, Regionalism, and Tribal Issues.

Janata Dal United (JDU): – The political party JDU has one seat share in Nagaland Legislative Assembly. The party mainly has its base in Bihar and Jharkhand. This is one of the popular political parties in Nagaland as it is a part of BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP): – NCP in Nagaland had undergone several formations and had made several changes and amendments at time of election for 2018 in Nagaland. NCP states that the party is ready for pre-poll alliance and that they support any solution of Naga issue should be inclusive of all stakeholders taken into account.

Trinamool Congress (TMC): – TMC is one of the most popular political parties in Nagaland. Trinamool has had a tough luck in their initiative of cobbling up anti-BJP front for the 2019 General Election; the political credibility is allegedly at stake where TMC is blamed for an assault on Democracy.

Lok Janashakti Party (LJP)

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Regional Parties:

Naga People’s Front (NPF): – NPF is one of the most famous political parties in Nagaland as the party has 26 out of 60 seats in Nagaland Legislative Assembly and has been heading the government with Bharatiya Janata Party as part of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland since 2003.

Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP)

Naga National Democratic Party (NNDP)

United Naga Democratic Party (UNDP)

Defunct Political Parties:

Naga Peoples Convention (merged with Naga Nationalist Organisation)

Naga Nationalist Organisation (NNO) merged with Congress.

United Democratic Front (UDF) merged into Naga National Democratic Party.

United Democratic Front- Progressive (UDF-P) merged with Congress.

Nagaland People’s Council (NPC) renamed as Nagaland Peoples Front.

Nagaland Peoples Party (NPP) merged with Nagaland Peoples Front.

Nagaland Democratic Party (NDP) merged with Nagaland Peoples Front.

Naga National Party (NNP) merged into Naga National Democratic Party.

Nationalist Democratic Movement (NDM) merged with BJP.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Renamed as Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party.

Nagaland Congress (NC) merged with NPP.



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