Political Parties in Odisha

Bharatiya Janata Party: – Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the major political parties in India. BJP is also one of the most famous political parties in Odisha. Saffron surge in North-East has energized the BJP in Odisha. There is a sudden spring in the step of Party Leaders who are despondent after crushing defeat in By-election. With 21.50% vote share BJP has won 10seats In 2014 Odisha Assembly Elections.

Odisha Communist Party: – This is a political Party in the state of Odisha which is a splinter group of Communist Party of India. OCP is today almost defunct, but has good relations with Indian National Congress. Political ideologies followed are Communism, Marxism-Leninism. This is one of the popular political parties in Odisha.

AsomGanaParishad: – AGP has formed government twice in the state of Assam, and had youngest elected Chief Minister for the state. The political party of AsomGanaParishad was formed after Assam Accord and since has been one of the most popular political parties in Assam. Political ideologies followed are Regionalism and Ethnic Nationalism.

Indian National Congress: – Assam Pradesh Congress Committee is the oldest party in the state as it formally came into existence in 1921. The assertion of Congress in Assam elections was base4d on basic principalities of Secularism, democratic values, tolerant practices and liberal policies. Congress party in Assam also opted for a broader alliance with CPI, CPI-M, and AGP. As for 13th Assembly of Assam, INC shares 25 seats.

All India Trinamool Congress: – TMC had a sense of conviction to enter into an electoral alliance with its UPA ally Congress in West Bengal but has gone separate ways in Assam.

Defunct Political Parties: –

Utkal Congress: – Utkal Congress was formed in 1969 after Biju Patnaik left Indian National Congress, and in 1977 Utkal Congress merged into Janata Party.

All India GanatantraParishad

Deshpremee Jana Samukshya

Orissa Jana Congress        

Pragati Legislature Party

State Political Parties:

KosalKranti Dal: – KKD is a regional political party which focuses particularly on creation of a separate Kosal state by the bifurcation of Odisha.

Biju Janata Dal: – Biju Janata Dal is one of the most famous and one of the top political parties in Odisha. BJD is currently in governance in the state of Odisha and Naveen Pattnaik is the Chief Minister of Odisha.

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