List of Top 10 Famous Political Leaders of Indonesia

The Indonesian political structure is thriving and growing out of the dominance of the militarized government. Decentralization has allowed greater political power for the people; particularly those out of Java. Many affluent political leaders have jointly structured the political administration of the nation. Read on to know more about the top 10 famous political leaders of Indonesia.

Abdurrahman Wahid – Abdurrahman Wahid is the fourth President of Indonesia, he is famously known as Gus Dur, was religiously Muslim and a political leader who was the founder of the National Awakening Party. Wahid was the first elected President of Indonesia. He was the President from 1999 to 2001. He belonged to the National Awakening Party.

Adam Malik – Adam Malik was the former and the third Vice-President of Indonesia from 23 March 1978 – 12 March 1983. One of the pioneers of the Indonesian journalism, Malik has been holding several ministerial posts like foreign minister and also a senior diplomat. He belonged to the Golongan Karya party.

Agung Laksono – Agung Laksono is the former Speaker of the Indonesian People’s Representative Council. Former minister for People’s Welfare, Agung is one of the popular political leaders in Indonesia. He held his office from 20 October 2009 – 20 October 2014.

Susi Pudjiastuti – One of the most famous woman politicians in Indonesia, Susi was the sixth Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. Indonesian Entrepreneur, Susi also owns a seafood export company.

Megawati – Megawati Sukarnoputri, is the most powerful woman politician in Indonesia. She was the fifth President of Indonesia and served her office from 23 July 2001 – 20 October 2004. She belonged to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan, PDI-P). She is the first female president and the sixth woman to lead a Muslim-majority country.

Joko Widodo – Joko Widodo is the current and the seventh President of Indonesia, who assumed office from 20 October 2014. Representing PDI-P Widodo gained attention as the Mayor of Surakarta. He is the first Indonesian President to not belonging to elite class. One of the youngest politicians in Indonesia, Widodo is seen as the rising star in Indonesian politics.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Susilo Bambang is the sixth President of Indonesia, he is also a retired Army General Officer. Susilo is currently the chairman of the Democratic Party of Indonesia. The most popular Indonesian politician, Yudhoyono was also the second longest serving President of Indonesia.

Sukarno – Sukarno was the first President of Indonesia from 18 August 1945 – 12 March 1967. One of the most powerful political leaders in Indonesia, Sukarno organized the autocratic system named ‘Guided Democrcy’. He pulled through the chaotic period of parliamentary democracy.

Suharto – an Indonesian military leader was also the second President of Indonesia and the longest serving President of Indonesia who served for 31 years. Suharto under his regime constructed a strong, centralized and a military based government. He belonged to the Golkar party.

B. J. Habibie – Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was the third president of Indonesia. He held his office from 21 May 1998 – 20 October 1999. He set a liberalized press in Indonesian press and political party laws. He served for the shortest term of Presidency. He represented Golkar party.

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