Mahagathbandan is bound to fail

Mahagathbandan is bound to fail?

Mahagathbandhan (great alliance) of 23 parties has been analyzed by many political strategists and the findings are noteworthy. There are various reasons why the alliance is bound to collapse.

Alliance of power hungry leaders

All the leaders in the alliance have the desire to be the next prime minister. In case they fail in their mission; they are all set to grab key ministries in the cabinet. An alliance which is merely a ‘get-together’ of power hungry leaders cannot last for long.

Lacks a nationwide appeal

Most of the partners in this alliance are regional leaders, who lack a national appeal. They may be influential in their own domain but are not likely to be accepted by the Indian masses. Regional issues and regional politics along with petty interests are expected to dominate the scene.

Gimmick or political opportunism

Coming together of leaders who are against each other and who have been blaming and attacking each other openly for many years, just to be in the center stage or because of serving a temporary common interest is most likely to fall in short duration of time.

No common minimum program

The only agenda which is evident is that all of them want to keep the BJP and its allies out of power. There is no common minimum program or a proper allocation of seats that can settle the members of this alliance and in absence of a common agenda, differences and personal interests will break the liaison.

Tainted image of members

Tainted image of many of the members is going to bring a bad name for the entire movement. It cannot be easily accepted by the people; it will lack lusture and is definitely going to lack mass appeal. Charges of corruption, nepotism etc. have been framed previously against many of the members who attended the meet and is going to resurface as momentum is gained.

Superficial and temporary in nature

Bunch of people driven by suspicion, betrayal, hatred and anger for each other have allied defeating their own fundamental motive to be in politics. This supposed deal may look normal at the macro level, but ground realities are entirely different. Short-sighted political opportunism may even turn voters in favor of NDA and many of the measures of mahagathbandhan may backfire.

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