Manipur Political Background

Manipur has faced a lot of turbulence in its political history, due to the active insurgent groups in the late sixties. It was a union territory then. To stabilize the situation, Legislative Assembly was dissolved and Lt. Governor was given the administration. Manipur was declared a full-fledged state on January 21, 1972. Since then it has witnessed 10 state assembly elections with the imposition of President’s rule at sometimes. Manipur has a vast population of tribal people hence they have got a reservation for scheduled tribes in the state assembly and Lok Sabha. Manipur has a significant history of a large number of regional and national parties, and realignment of these parties to form major groups has changed the face of the political system here.

Political Parties of Manipur

The National parties– The Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, The Communist Party of India, The Nationalist Congress Party

The Regional parties –Democratic Revolutionary Peoples Party    Manipur State Congress party, Lok Jan Shakti Party, All India Trinamool Congress, Manipur People’s Party (MPP), Federal Party of Manipur, Manipur National Conference, Naga People’s Front, National People’s Party (India), Nikhil Manipuri Mahasabha

The Legislature
The State has a unicameral legislature. There is only one house in the legislative assembly of 60 elected members.

State Legislative Assembly

State Legislative Assembly in Manipur has 20 seats reserved for STs and 1 seat for SC out of total 60 seats. Since 2002, Indian National Congress has remained in power and immensely stabilized the situation hence been capturing the majority in all recent elections. Shri Okram Ibobi Singh of INC is the CM of Manipur.

Manipur Lok Sabha Election-2014- An Overview

The general elections 2014 were held in two phases in Manipur. Indian National Congress has swept away all the parties and won over both the constituencies of the northeastern state of Manipur in the Lok Sabha Elections of 2014. INC and its bigwigs have had a stronghold in the state since 2002 after taking the control from Bharatiya Janta Party, who was in government since 1965.

Upcoming Elections

The state of Manipur is divided into two main constituencies-inner and outer, where both the constituencies witnessed the victory of BJP with huge margin since last three general elections. There is no doubt, that the ruling government would have an eye on Manipur once again in 2019 elections. It would be interesting to see that the accountability of Manipur seats would remain the same for BJP in 2019 or the opposition parties would be able to break the chain of victory of ruling party.

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