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‘Mission Shakti’ places India fourth in the list after US, Russia and China: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (Wednesday, March 27) addressed the nation to announce that India has become the fourth space superpower after US, China and Russia as the ‘Mission Shakti’ was successfully completed within three minutes of launch.

‘Mission Shakti’ was a difficult goal to achieve but India successfully completed it within three minutes of launch which is a matter of great pride for the country.

“India has entered its name as an elite space power. An anti-satellite weapon A-SAT successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit”, he said.

“India has registered herself as a space power today; till now only US, Russia and China have achieved this; now India is the 4th country to achieve this feat”, said PM Modi.

“Today, we have enough satellites that are contributing in various segments such as agriculture, disaster management, communication, weather, navigation, etc,” said PM.

Things you should know about ‘Mission Shakti’

A team of Indian scientists successfully launched a missile at a satellite in low-earth orbit

The anti-satellite (ASAT) missile hit the mark and destroyed the satellite.

The entire operation was completed within 3 minutes.

The ASAT is entirely Made in India, by the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)

Only US, Russia and China have ASAT missile capabilities. India now joins the club.

Earlier today, PM Modi had tweeted, “Today I would be addressing the nation at around 11:45 AM – 12.00 noon with an important message. Do watch the address on television, radio or social media.”

It was an unusual address by the Prime Minister as one side he is busy in campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls on the other hand an address like this can give a chance to the opposition parties to raise his voice against the Bharatiya Janata Party.

After since deadly Pulwama attack occurred PM Modi has been criticized of politicizing the defence related issue to gain political benefit out of it and once again he has given a chance to the anti-BJP parties to speak against him and his party.

BJP is trying its every bit to woo the voters and the party workers are giving their best for the victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.



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