Mizoram Political Background

The northeastern hilly state of Mizoram was a part of Assam and became Union Territory in 1972. The full-fledged state of Mizoram came into existence on 20th February 1987. Later in 1961, the Mizo National Front was constituted under Mr. Laldenga. However, it was dissolved after signing a memorandum with the government. The most prominent party in the state has been Indian National Congress that won with the absolute majority by acquiring 33 of the 40 seats in the elections, defeating Mizo National Front, Mizoram People’s Conference, as well the ZNP.

Main Political Parties

The Indian National Congress, The Bharatiya Janata Party, The Janata Dal, Mizo National Front, Mizo People’s Conference, Mizo Union, Mizoram Nationalist Party, Maraland Democratic Front

The Legislature

Mizoram has a unicameral state legislature with only one house for lawmaking.

State legislative assembly

The Legislative assembly or the Vidhan Sabha is situated at Aizawl and conducts the different sessions of the house. The total number of state assembly constituencies is 40, for which members are elected every five years. Indian National Congress won last Vidhan Sabha elections with a majority.

Mizoram Lok Sabha Election 2014- An Overview

The Indian National Congress (INC) had a sweeping victory in the state and formed the government.  The political parties made raised issues in during campaigns in the state. BJP raised issues of illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the state. INC focused on local issues.  The other parties could not stand a chance. As per the opinion poll results, INC grabbed the majority of seats, though a lot of opposition was made to the party by BJP in terms of migrant issues.

Upcoming Elections

As per the recent 2018, elections results, BJP had a sweeping victory in northeastern states. It is likely to expect BJP would be able to grab the Mizoram seat in coming elections. While Indian National Congress being the most prominent party in the state would like to retain it’s power, as Mizoram is one of the few states where Congress made its government after 2014, elections. At the same time, local parties are also gearing up for Vidhan Sabha elections.

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