most corrupt countries in the world

Most Corrupt Countries in the World

There can be an abnormally high amount of corruption that does indeed have a negative impact on the economy, development and specific business relations. There are various big countries that come up with an image of being the most corrupt but are the giants in terms of market businesses. The best example is of China in this case.

Several other factors like presence of external forces in the country or the war like situation further worsens the situation economically and socially.

Read on to find out which countries made it to the list of top 10 most corrupt countries in the world.

10. Venezuela – Venezuela is one of the most oil rich countries on earth, but still the complexity of the situation suggests that the country is badly in a downfall politically and economically where, thousands of people are fleeing to Columbia.

The mismanagement and theft of oil reserves by the government officials are the biggest cited reasons for the nation to be most corrupt. The country’s socialist government structure helps government officials to have an easy access towards corrupt practices.

9. Iraq – The all dramatic evacuation of American troops from Iraq has given a broader space for the anti-social and anti-economic elements to spread its wings in the civil society of Iraq where violent conflicts erupted between the Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis and eventually ISIS. These whole radicalized options have been playing a major role in destabilizing the country.

US is to be blamed for supplanting Saddam Hussein which resulted in eruption of a power vacuum in the nation which also gave scope to the Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic government to take seize of power and be most corrupt as they can.

8. Guinea – Bissau – The nation has its own history where it says that since the inception of the country in the 1970s not a single President has successfully completed a term in office. This West African country is a major hub for crime and trafficking which provides enough space for the Semi- Presidential Republic to accept corruption as a norm.

7. North Korea – No list is complete without mentioning North Korea as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The impact of the Communist Dictatorship the citizens of the country have virtually no rights or personal freedom. The most horrifically organized concentration camps rife with torture and rape in order to bring the population into compliance with the regime.

Another feature which strengthens the corruption in North Korea is the starvation which is a norm in the Communist country.

6. Libya – The Transitional power structure in Libya has left the country in likes of Syria where the Arab left Libya in a most complex situation of turmoil and after the execution of authoritarian leader Muammar Gaddafi no government has been able to successfully reclaim control over the country.

The shadiest of characters have seized the situation and had ensured the most advantage of the violent upheaval. The ongoing civil war has benefitted Arms Dealers and most corrupt military officials.

5. Yemen – A proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran where Saudi supports the Constitutional Republic Government of Yemen and Iran backs the armed rebels makes Yemen witness to a long lasting Civil War. With being the top most corrupt countries in the world, Yemen is also a listen dangerous place.

The country is facing all time high human rights crisis where the war has led the county to epidemics of preventable disease and starvation which has further worsened as the Saudi naval has blocked the country which had led Yemen to horrific conditions.

4. Afghanistan – The major drawback of Afghanistan can be pointed towards the weak central government and the country is realistically run by warlords and tribal leaders. Billions of dollars invested by US in Afghanistan to defeat Taliban has been in vain as Taliban in 70% of the country is still active.

Afghanistan also exports important minerals like talc, which is taken over by ISIS and the Taliban. The ongoing fight between the two organizations is to take over the control of these mines in order to fund their terrorist operations.

3. Syria – Corruption in Syria has grown exponentially. Not only Syria is the most corrupt but also the most unstable country on earth. Since the Arab spring, Syria has been embroiled in a civil war which has led the country to the worst refugee crisis of modern times. The Presidential Republic government of Bashar al-Assad has so far managed to hold on to power thus, waging a vicious war against his own people.

Repeatedly Bashar al-Assad has been accused of using chemical warfare on Syrians residing in rebel strongholds.

2. Sudan – The power structure of Sudan is of Federal Republic, and the corruption in the country is mainly due to the ongoing ethnic conflict within the country. The split of South Sudan has taken oil riches with it which has resulted in the adverse situation in Sudan.

1. Somalia – There is no much difference in the situation of the governed bodies of Somalia than in Afghanistan. Somalia is really run by rival warlords and clans. Somalia has been famous for one and only reason of piracy. The economic prospects are perilous and only 29% of people attend school and 55 years is the average life expectancy there.

Though these countries haven’t made in the listings but they are worth discussing as the other corrupt nations.

Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Angola.


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