Nagaland Political Background

Post independence, Nagaland was an autonomous district in the state of Assam. Nagaland state came into being on 1 December 1963 and became the 16th state of the Indian Union. An agreement called 16-point proposal was signed between the members of the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) and Government of India. It was modified in 1960 and finally, the state was formed. Initially, the Nagaland state was governed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) but after 1972, the Indian Government took a unilateral decision to bring the Nagaland state under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Political Parties in Nagaland

National political parties: Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Nationalist Congress Party, Trinamool Congress

The main regional parties: Naga People’s Front, Naga National Democratic Party

The Legislature

Nagaland has a unicameral legislature consisting of one house i.e. the state legislative assembly called the Vidhan Sabha.

State Legislative Assembly

Also, called Vidhan Sabha, the assembly consists of 60 directly elected members and is situated in the capital city, Kohima. Recently Assembly elections were held where BJP has won with the majority while in last Assembly polls in 2013, NPF won with majority grabbing 38 seats.

Nagaland Assembly Election 2018- An Overview

Nagaland Assembly poll took place on 27 February 2018 for 60 seats. BJP-NDPP alliance successfully wins 26 seats, leads on one; ruling NPF wins 27 seats. The National People’s Party (NPP) won two seats and the Janata Dal (United) got only one seat, the sources said. Independents have won one seat in the Nagaland Assembly. The voter turnout was good and was recorded at 76%.

Upcoming Elections

Recent Assembly results and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi just holidaying in Italy before elections exposing uninspiring election campaign in Nagaland and its inability to form a majority government in the state. While BJP has been successful to keep its place intact in alliance government, there are the possibilities for BJP in the state in upcoming elections; Congress may again face a rocky road which blames BJP for usurping power in the elections.

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