PM Modi address rally in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra

PM Modi slams Congress in Ahmednagar’s Rally

A day after the first phase of seven-phase election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed rally in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar, where he slammed Congress, asking people to chose between ‘Honest Chowkidar’ and ‘Dishonest Namdar’. By ‘Namdar’, PM was referring to the Congress.

“Do you remember the previous ten years of the earlier remote-controlled government? Scams and delays in decision-making were the order of the day. You need to now choose between imandar chowkidar and bhrashtachari naamdar,”PM Modi said.

While addressing people in Ahmednagar, PM Modi said, “Today, on the one hand, the Congress and NCP has given you hollow promises and on the other hand the NDA has made good on its promises. During the Congress-NCP government, bomb blasts took place across Mumbai. In the last five years, blasts have stopped in Maharashtra,” he said.

“In the last five years, a strong, decision-making government, a public partner, has been seen in India. Prior to that, there were reports of scams and scandals. Today the world is seeing India as a superpower,” PM said.

Criticising Congress, PM Modi said, “Congress has stolen money meant for pregnant women just days after coming to power in Madhya Pradesh.”

On one side PM Modi is targeting opposition in his rallies and on the other hand opposition also got a chance to hit back BJP as soon the news spread about a letter written by over 150 armed forces veterans to President and Commander-in-Chief Ram Nath Kovind, complaining about the manner in which political parties have been using armed forces for political gains ahead of the Lok Sabha election.

On Thursday, over 150 armed forces veterans – including three former army chiefs, four former navy chiefs and a former air force chief – wrote to the President and Commander-in-Chief to complain about the manner in which political parties have been repeatedly using armed forces for political gains ahead of the Lok Sabha election. While this news is yet in contradiction, as some of the Army officials have denied the claim.

Over the same, Congress slammed BJP by saying, “Modi may try to use soldiers for votes, but it’s clear that soldiers stand with India and not the BJP. 156 Veterans of the Indian Armed Forces including 8 former Chiefs of Staff write to the President of India urging him to act against Modi for trying to use soldiers for votes,” said a tweet from the Congress’ official Twitter handle.

However, reports stated that Rashtrapati Bhavan sources have denied receiving any letter supposedly written by Armed Forces veterans to the President.

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