Political History of Bihar

Politics in Bihar is jumbled up. There are three power center BJP, Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav.

After the partition of India and Pakistan the situation in Bihar is allegedly worse than that time. The major political parties, Bharatiya Janata Party and Janata Dal (United) are ruling Bihar. The communal disharmony between different sections of people or different religious beliefs has created a rift amongst each other. The Hindu and Muslim unrest and communal fighting was politically instigated. At the time of election it is purely caste politics. But, gradually the state is now dressing itself in the form of Anti-corruption politics but 60- 65% people vote on the basis of caste especially rural people.

Nitish Kumar’s zero tolerance at that time for corruption made him abandon his alliance with Lalu to continue with his policy. With full idea of Lalu’s tainted past, Nitish aligned with him, in 2015. The main reason to this was Nitish’s political life was at stake after being soundly defeated by Modi Juggernaut in 2014.

Mahagathbandhan was forged to preserve secularism: which has repeatedly been used by politicians as a clock to hide their sins in Bihar. Next was when Nitish Kumar betrayed Congress and the Congress leadership wooed Nitish with its eyes wide open even at the cost of abandoning Lalu. In 2013, Rahul Gandhi tried to show his political muscle by rejecting his own UPA government’s ordinance on corruption that effectively protected Lalu. The propogande of cases against Lalu are inspired by political vendetta by Yadav clan was chased down by Narendra Modi and machinery due to their opposition and political clout.

Another tale added to the political history of Bihar is that, Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are political enemies. With several difficult equations politically, they have a common interest and that’s politics.

Politics in Bihar is like a fast paced, slam bang match where governments can be replaced within 16 hours. There is no place like Bihar to witness the drama of politics, and afterall it’s a birthplace of Chanakya, the original master of Rajneeti.

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