Political History of Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India has a strong historical background. It was ruled by some of the most powerful emperors in Indian history.

The town was known as Indraprastha, where Pandavas used to live. In due course eight more cities came alive adjacent to Indraprastha.

Delhi gained political prominence in the medieval period, specifically under the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal court. The reason why Delhi has served capital for so many empires is the unique location, its topography and the related presence of sources of water, with perineal rivers like Yamuna, played a very significant role. Delhi was situated on the important trade route which bran from Sonargaon in Bengal to Kabul in Afghanistan, which gave a trade boost to a number of industries.

Delhi now is a union territory of India. The capital was incorporated in n1857 where the capital formation took place in 1911.Though Delhi has been captured, ransacked and rebuilt several times; Delhi now is in the cluster of number of cities spread across the metropolitan region. Delhi in whose head is the Chief Minister of the Union Territory. Today’s time Delhihave its legislature, High Court and executive council of ministers, whose head is Chief Minister of the Union Territory.

Being the capital of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi is jointly administered by the federal government of Delhi.National Capital Territory of Delhi has its own Legislative Assembly, Lieutenant Governor, Council of Ministers and Chief Minister. The Legislative Assembly was abolished in 1956 after which the implementation of direct federal control was established in 1993. Delhi is also the centre of the National Capital Region (NCR), which a unique interstate planning area is created by the National Capital Region Planning Board Act of 1985.

Now, the Government of India and the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi jointly administer New Delhi.

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