Political History of Madhya Pradesh

After Independence, state reorganization commission was constituted in 1955 to reorganize stat boundaries.

Madhya Pradesh was formed by merging four states- Central province-Berar, Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh and Bhopal. Each state forwarded their major city’s name as Capital of Madhya Pradesh like

CP Berar and Bhopal state- Bhopal

Madhya Bharat- Indore or Gwalior

Vindya Pradesh- Jabalpur

The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave this responsibility to Pandit Ravishankar Shukla. A Cabinet meeting was called on 30th October 1956 on this issue. There was a heated argument among members as everyone wanted their state’s city as capital of Madhya Pradesh. This meeting continued for 2 days but no result was brought out. Finally, another meeting was called at Saanchi. At that time Bhopal’s Nawab Hamidullah Khan was pressurizing the government to declare Bhopal as the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Even Pandit Nehru was in favour of naming Bhopal as the capital city.

The state’s economy has made tremendous gains by doubling growth rates from around 4% in the period till 2005 to average around 8.7 % in Chauhan’s first nine years in office, with the growth rate surging up to double digit levels in the most recent years. That is an enviable record for any Chief Minister and all the more so for Shivraj Chauhan, given that Madhya Pradesh was identified as a basket case for being one of the ‘’Bimaru’’ states for a long time. The state which is the second largest in terms of geographical size, next only to Rajasthan, has suffered from a low productive base and poor governance. When Chhattisgarh was hived off in 2000, Madhya Pradesh was left with only 4000 megawatt of installed capacity. Today there is 14000 MW. Now M.P is a power surplus state.

This government gave a new direction to Madhya Pradesh along with scams like Vyapam, coal etc. but earlier a ‘’Bimaru’’ state is now among the most developed states in India.

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