Political History of Odisha

Odisha has a rich history which dates back to the time of Kalinga war. It is that land which made the transformation of Asoka from Chandasoka to Dharmasoka.

Around 261 BC- Kalinga War was fought between Asoka Samrat and the Kalinga Warriors. Though it was not clear who ruled Odisha at that time, but that war is one of the most famous battles ever fought in the world. With this the Mauruas ruled Odisha for nearly 200 years till 1st Century BC. In 1st Century BC period, Kalinga was out of the Maurya kingdom and it was ruled by Chhadis. In 49BC Kharavela came to power and as it is known in that time the Kalinga Empire spanned from Ganga to Godavari at that time.

2nd Century AD, Kalinga was acquired by Satabahana and it remained under their rule till 202 AD. After that it fell into different empires before it was invaded by Guptas. Samudragupta invaded and conquered most parts of Odisha and then Guptas ruled for some years. 6-7 Century Sailabhava Dynasty started ruling in the coastal Odisha. It is believed that the trades flourished in that period. The sadhaba pua of Odisha used to travel far locations to trade. In 621 AD Harsha vardhan acquired some parts of Odisha. Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang visited Odisha in the 630 AD.

931 Soma Vansis came to power and they ruled till 1110. 1038-Gangas started to rule Odisha. They are the people who built many temples and monuments including the world famous Jagannath and Konark Sun temple. 1112- Choda Ganga Dev became the King. He built the famous Jagannath temple.1238- Narasimha Dev came to power, who later on built the sun temple at Konark. 1361- Firoz Shah Tughlaq invaded Odisha and acquired Vidanasi Katak (Cuttack). After that for some time, Odisha was the battle ground between Afghans and Mughals.

1568- Mukunda Dev, the last independent ruler of Odisha was dethroned. After that Odisha was ruled by Mughals and for some year it was under the Maratha Empire. 1803- Odisha was the last independent state to be included in the British Empire. 1866- The infamous Na-anka famine that killed almost a million people of Odisha. 1963- Odisha became the first state to be built on the basis of language. 1942-Eram massacre by the British took place. Set on the Mahanadi Delta, the present state is a modern happening place with good infrastructure.

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