Political History of Pondicherry

The recent Assembly Elections saw a major split where the erstwhile Congress leader Rangaswamy went on to form his own party and contested the election in an Alliance with ADMK. He also came out with flying colours. The scope saffron party sees scope shall be very narrow as the French colony is a mix of Vanniyar and other such castes. They are the traditional voters of the Congress and the other two Dravidian parties.

Till now once or twice ADMK managed to form a state government of its own. But out of the 15 Lok Sabha Elections, only two favored the regional parties that too as an ally partner of Congress. Bharatiya Janata Party fielded LalithaKumaramangalam against M. Ramadoss of PMK (The Then Congress Ally) in 2004 but finished second in the 2004 elections with a vote share of 35.65%. The formidable grand alliance broke away all those efforts and turned victorious.

The 2009 election gave a clear cut majority for the Congress and the candidate who represented UPA on a PMK ticket came second to Narayanaswamy of Congress and Visveswaran of Bharatiya Janata Party finished with a vote share of 2.21%.

Bharatiya Janata Party was lucky enough in the 2001 Assembly Elections where it managed to win the Reddiarpalayam seat. Parties like BJP winning this assembly segment is definitely a surprise for various reasons. One such reason is, Reddiarpalayam is a mixture of Vanniyars and people from other religion. They voted for Communist in 1996 and 1991. The positive wave of good governance carried –out by Vajpayee as Prime Minister could’ve favored it.But the candidate who fought for the BJP was not in the party for the next election.

In the case where it’s a Union Territory and not any state, a head of Union Territory (Lieutenant governor) is generally appointed by the President of India. However, the Parliament of India can pass a law to amend the Constitution and provide a Legislature with elected members and a Chief Minister for a Union Territory, as it has done for Delhi and Pondicherry.

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