Political History of Tamil Nadu

In late 194o’s Periyar joined as a president of Justice party and renamed as Dravidar Kazhagam. Periyar was keen on neglecting elections.

In 1949 Periyar 71, decided to marry a 26 year old woman, who didn’t go well with the party leaders and some leaders got disappointed due to this unfair relationship. So they formed a new party called Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in 1949 under the leadership of CN. Annadurai.

After independence, Madras province existed. In 1952, Rajaji became Chief Minister for Madras province. He did excellent reforms but his controversial KulakalviThittam paved way for his resignation. Then Kamaraj was elected as Chief Minister. He inducted some Rajaji supporters in his cabinet including Bhakthavatsalam. His cabinet strength was <10. First cabinet without single Brahmin minister. Later he included a Brahmin (Venkatraman). Periyar supported Kamaraj. Meanwhile Rajaji was out of politics.

In mid of 1950’s Andhra Pradesh was formed.Kamarajar period is Golden era of Tamil Nadu. Poor state became faster growing state of India. Later Kamaraj introduced K plan in 1963.  According to that plan Congress leaders who are in the power for long tenure should be relieved from the post and get involved in party works. So Kamaraj made Bhakthavatsalam as new CM. He refused the chance to become PM twice. He selected two PM.

Meanwhile DMK strengthened themselves by cinema influence, dramas, and Tamil speeches. MG Ramachandran played a major role. They became opposition party in 1962-63 elections with 50 MLA’s . Congress had been shrinking then. Major factors such as anti-hindi agitation, unavailability of rice, electricity, food price hike were responsible for DMK’s victory in 1967 election. Rajaji was instrumental in forming a large alliance against Kamarajar (who was supported by Periyar). Anna ruled for 2 years and he died in 1969. Karunanidhi was ranked in fourth position in the party. Then his period had been criticized widely by everyone. In 1971 MGR was expelled from the party.

In 1972 Rajaji passed away, within 1 year Periyar died and in 1975 Kamaraj left the world. In 1991 ADMK has a landslide victory. Rajiv Gandhi assassinated and the same year brought down DMK rule. But DMK won and Karunanidhi became Chief Minister.

ADMK came to power in 2001 and Jayalalithaa resigned which gave Pannerselvam as temporary CM. in 2004 parliament election, DMK-Congress alliance had won 40 seats out of 40. In 2006 DMK came back to power. In 2009 DMK-Congress alliance won again. Due to bad governance, DMK lost in 2011 election.

In  2014 ADMK made a tremendous victory in Parliament election without forming any alliances. Due to court conviction in assert case Jayalalithaa got arrested and later she was released.

In 2016, ADMK again won by securing 134 seats. Jaya became longest serving Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu surpassing MGR. In December 2016 Jayalalithaa died.

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