Political History of Telangana

Andhra Pradesh was the first state in India to be formed solely on linguistic basis. On November 1, 1956 Andhra State and Telangana region of Hyderabad state were merged to form a united Telugu-speaking state of Andhra Pradesh. Non-Telugu speaking parts of Hyderabad state were merged with Maharashtra and Karnataka.

And this merger of Hyderabad state with Andhra was based on the Gentleman’s agreement of Andhra Pradesh (1956), by the government of Andhra Pradesh, which provided safeguards with the purpose of preventing discrimination against Telangana and also to set up public health services, educational institutions, industries, cooperative societies and markets. The claims for separate statehood arose due the alleged violations of the agreement by the government of Andhra Pradesh.


The people of Telangana feel robbed that most of their rights, their jobs and their land have been taken by the people of Andhra Pradesh, and they hope that the bifurcation of the state will lead to a better and more prosperous life.

But there are several hurdles which will be immediately faced by the new Telangana state-

. 8 out of its 10 districts are naxal affected.

. Power shortage is a major concern

. Proper water management is needed

. Literacy rate in Telangana is among the lowest in the country and needs to be taken care of

. Hyderabad is the only place where we can see development in Telangana, so new cities with proper infrastructure; planning and industrialization need to be built.

. Telangana region has always faced a dearth of jobs and the government should take steps to ensure new jobs are created quickly.

. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi promised to waive off farm loans if it came to power, and this loan amount adds up to Rs. 49,564 crore- which the government will have to bear.

There are several other issues which need to be taken care of, but what is most important is that the citizens of Telangana need to see the development and progress that was promised to them.


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