Political History of Tripura

CPIM was not a political party in Tripura. It was an emotion attached with common people.

Tripura was a princely state till 9th September 1949 when Kanchan Prabha Devi (mother of Kirit Bikram Debbarma) signed the “Tripura Merger Agreement” and with effect from 15 October 1949, Tripura became part of Indian Union. It was thereafter administered by the Chief Commissioner as a “c” category state.  When the last ruling King BIR Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur died there was a crisis in the province, financial as well as security threats. Then Kanchan Prabha Devi signed the agreement.

During the rule of kings, the authority used to tax poor peasants.  CPIM was active during those days. They did a lot of ground work in those areas. They did a lot of ground work in those areas. CPIM was active in Tripura before India got Independence. They formed “Janashiksha Samiti” which used to educate common people through schools. They were doing work very actively. Before the Liberation of “Bangladesh” tribe community were in majority but demography changed after that. When Tripura joined as a “C Category” state in 1949 there was no Assembly in the state. Later it became UT. In 1963, there was assembly and Sachindra Lal Singh was chosen as first CM of Tripura. He was from Indian National Congress. During that period there was acute shortage of food and CPIM actively took part in the protest against the Congress government.

First Assembly Poll was conducted in 1972 when Tripura got full state recognition. Sukhamoy Sen Gupta was elected as Chief Minister, and then he served the state till 1977 when emergency was declared. Then a few days Congress for Democracy, founded by Jagjivan Ram had CM and thereafter Janata Party with whom CFD was in alliance. These things made a ground for CPIM and they actively participated in protest against unconstitutional emergency period.

Fresh election was conducted in 1978 and CPIM clinched the throne. Nripen Chakraborty was elected as First Communist Chief Minister. Nripen served the state for 10 years till 1988, during 1988 assembly poll it was alleged that INC rigged the polling booths and won the election. The INC government was not stable; CM was changed and ruled till 1993. In 1993 elections Dasarath Deb was elected as Chief Minister of Tripura who served till 1998.

Then after 1998 Assembly Polls Manik Sarkar came to power. He was the longest serving CM of the state. Then came in 2013 Bharatiya Janata Party and currently there is a rule of BJP in the state of Tripura.

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