Political Movement in Arunachal Pradesh

Any major problem which occurs in either of the state is on a majority basis fueled by political ideologies. Problems in Arunachal Pradesh are directly or indirectly motivated by several political factors. Just for the sake of their vote banks there is a deliberate instigation of political parties to student organizations.

The region of Arunachal Pradesh has lots of controversies and disputes over boundary issue between two Asian Giants, which results in a lot of controversies and conflicts of its own.

The reasons:

  1. Political crisis in the state over last few months.
  2. The on-going border dispute.
  3. The slightest thought of civilians favoring China, where most of them think so due to facial characteristics and the boundary state.

The above mentioned can be termed as hypothesis and mere thoughts through various news circulated. Political crisis in the state is because of power hungry politicians. Just like the crisis in different other states, all this staged drama is a political mismatch just to attain and be in power. The state and centre itself contributes to multiplicity of state crisis. Political crisis is prevalent in Arunachal Pradesh but it is also rightly judged as, there are Buddhists of Tibetan traditions. Christians who are majority, Hindus or other animist. Arunachal has only 12% of Buddhists and others are not willing to consider china. Even Tibetan Buddhisthas a very long tradition of loyalty to Dalai Lama. All living heads of Tibetan Buddhist clans are living in India. India had to repel an attempt by China to create trouble in Sikkim to capture power to the monastery that leads the Karma Pa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. India had to convert Sikkim from a protectorate into the Indian Union and made into a full-fledged state. It was a popular move in Sikkim.

There is a lot more military repression in Tibet and Tibetan settled in India do not want to return to Chinese occupied Tibet, nor Chinese are willing to accept them. India being a Democracy, they have seen the freedoms we enjoy and they do not like what is in offer to them and the sham autonomy on offer from China. China wants the control of Twanag Monastry as it wields enormous influence on Buddhists of Tibet and southern China. Hence, it’s pretty evident to say that Arunachal Pradesh will ever want to switch sides to China.

Also the refugee problem of Chakma and Hajong had a vital role of student organisations played.

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