Political Movement in Bihar

JP Narayan was an Indian independence activist, social reformer and political leader. He is greatly remembered for his movement against Indira Gandhi in the 1970s for which he called on the total revolution of the people.

JP Movement

1974 ushered in a year of high inflation, unemployment and lack of supplies and essential commodities. Nav nirman aandolan of Gujarat asked him to start a movement against the Indira government. On June 5, 1974, Jayaprakash addressed a large crowd at Gandhi Maidan in Patna, Bihar. He declared this is a revolution, and he was quoted as, “We are not here merely to see the Vidhan Sabha dissolved. That is only one milestone on our journey. But we have a long way to go… After 27 years of freedom, people of this country are wracked by hunger, rising prices, corruption… oppressed by every kind of injustice… it is a total revolution we want, nothing else”.

Under him the total revolution movement of the people reached in full swing. Afterwards when Indira Gandhi declared emergency on the country he was one of the first leaders to be arrested. There was a controversy erupted about his damaged kidneys and subsequent death. During the emergency, an ailing JP was allegedlyimprisoned by the Indira Gandhi. It was only when he was released on the grounds of ailing health that he was informed of his badly damaged kidneys.

A young Indian activist Jayaprakash Narayan and other great Indians who fought for India’s freedom and post freedom activities to bring India back on top of the world demography.

The Bihar Movement was a movement initiated by the students in Bihar in 1974 and which was led by the Veteran Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan, who was also popularly referred as JP, against misrule and corruption in the government of Bihar. It later turned against then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s government in the Central government. This was also named as Sampoorna Kranti (Total Revolution Movement) and JP Movement.

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