Political Movement in Tamil Nadu

Self-Respect movement found by Periyar and later adopted by both DMK and ADMK. Their aim was to having a society where backward castes people should have an equal Human Rights.

One of Periyar most known quotes on Self-respect was, “We are fit to think of ‘self-respect’ only when the notion of ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ caste is banished from our land”.

Socialism is another most important principle. Everyone should have access to basic things. Dravidian parties are populist with a generally social democratic orientation. When you hear these schemes one will understand about Dravidian politics. A messed up political facts is that Colour TV, Laptop for students and various schemes were introduced by ‘Amma’ Jayalalithaa. And Mid-day meals were brought by Congress Chief Minister Kamaraj and not Kamaraj Nadar.Dravidian parties are stated as mostly anti- TamBam, but now the stand is getting softer.

They are known for Progressive thoughts

Tamil Nadu became the first and only state to legalise Hindu marriages conducted without a Brahmin priest. The number of inter-caste and inter-religious marriages has increased in the state as a result of the self-respect movement in Tamil Nadu.

Hindutva Movement which was widespread in the Hindu heartlands of India in 90’s had limited or no support in Tamil Nadu to Dravidian parties. The two Dravidian parties are also the only ones in India to have a transgender person’s welfare agenda on their election manifesto of 2014.

Growth of Tamil Nadu

According to the 2011 census, Tamil Nadu is the most urbanized state in India where (49%) accounting for 9.6% of the urban population while only comprising 6% of India’s total population.

It has been ranked first by the Economic Freedom Rankings for the States of India. Chennai nicknamed by some, ”The Detroit of Asia- down to policies of both Dravidian parties to attract large amount of foreign investment in state”.

Growth of Tamil Nadu is uniform across all society/caste/religion (IMO) due to 72% reservations. Sad state of Dravidian parties now is they don’t have any progressive leader coming up. Total domination of top brass is a very sad state of Tamil Nadu politics.

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