Political Movement of Odisha

East India Company ruled in India 1757-1858. Later, British government ruled from 1858 to 1947. But, First time British army entered Odisha in 1803. It took more than 30 years to rule all the major parts of Odisha.

Some of our great Odia leaders are likely to be credit for their splendid effort to carry on, with nation’s freedom fight. At the same they fought for Oriya domain, and to make Oriya people united. By the end of First World War, Gopabandhu Das had taken some initiative to promote Indian National Congress along with some young patriots. And it was widely accepted by people of Odisha, and got lots of support from young Oriya people.Gandhiji toured Odisha in 1921. There was a huge response to his call from all sections of people. The message touched the hearts of rural mass as much as elite of Odisha.

Some of other great national leaders visit gave a further stimulusto the freedom struggle in Odisha. Gandhi’s call for the Civil disobedience Movement in 1930 aroused the entire nation and Odisha came forward for the most vigorous struggle of independence. Breaking salt law, which was a great achievement, and became symbolic feature of disobedience? Gandhi’s Satyagraha in Gujarat encouraged people in Odisha to break salt law at Inchudi, in Balasore. After this incident from kid to old; from men to women, everyone participated in freedom fight. During the Quit India Movement in August 1942, Orissa shot into prominence with uprisings led by people in the absence of its leaders who had been arrested and put in jail.

After all these, it was the time during the one of the most heart breaking tragedies in the history of Odisha, where lots of people died in a single police action at Eram in Balasore. It proved the revolution in Odisha, how poor villagers raised their voice against British government, and didn’t require leadership to rise, and to guide, but possessed a spontaneous will to take part in revolution.

SatyakiMishra, has mentioned some of our great leaders and has given a brief explanation about their fight, and movement with achievement in India’s freedom struggle. The lesser known the great Baji Rout, who died for nation’s freedom struggle at the age of 12. The incident shook the entire nation. People within and outside the state lauded supreme sacrifice of the brave martyr.

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