Political Parties in Madhya Pradesh

One of the two major political parties in Madhya Pradesh is the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. For decades the state has had stable governance, and has given an efficient ruling party last three terms. Following are the listings of the most powerful and popular political parties in Madhya Pradesh.

Bharatiya Janata Party: – The state ruling political party in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most powerful and popular political party in Madhya Pradesh. BJP has been in power in M.P for three consecutive terms since 2003, is set for polls to be conducted in the year 2018.

Bahujan Samaj Party: – The BSP has not fielded any candidate in the last five bypolls in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Congress has won four of these.in 2013 Assembly Elections in Madhya Pradesh, BSP has contested and had won a seat and also pocketed 19.5% votes. This popular political party in Madhya Pradesh is giving a pinch to others with indication of an alliance with the Congress.

Communist Party of India (Marxist): – The declining appeal of the CPI (M) among the different segments of the middle class and the youth, is the major cause of concern for the party with which the leaders looking out for the transformation by even dropping the word “Communist” from its name.

Indian National Congress: – The big question ahead of the National political party in Madhya Pradesh is whether the attempts to revive the party in the state will succeed or turn out to be just another optical illusion. Congress party one of the most famous political parties in Madhya Pradesh has been out of power for 15 years, partially because of internal factionalism.

Nationalist Congress Party: – NCP has directed its party to strengthen its base in the state of Madhya Pradesh, as the Party head Sharad Pawar wants his party to play a bigger role in Madhya Pradesh’s politics for which he would be focusing on its expansion in the regions bordering Maharashtra.

Rashtriya Janata Dal: – RJD has dissolved its unit in the state of Madhya Pradesh followed by the arrest of the party supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. There were speculations that the unit would merge with BJP IN Madhya Pradesh, but the arrest changed the entire narrative.


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