Political Parties in Mizoram

Major National Parties:

Indian National Congress (INC): – Congress in Mizoram is named as Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee. Congress is one of the most popular political parties in Mizoram. Out of several political Parties in Mizoram INC is in dominance in the state.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): – BJP has been on the turf to defeat congress in the state of Mizoram and form government. The political party in Mizoram has ensured all support to its locals from developing infrastructure to illegal immigrant’s issue. BJP is certainly turning out to be the most famous political parties in Mizoram.

Regional Parties:

Mizo National Front (MNF): – Mizo National Front is a regional political party in Mizoram, which emerged protesting against the inaction of the Indian Central government towards the famine situation. Political ideologies followed are Left-wing populism, Mizo nationalism, Socialism, Social Liberalism, Democratic socialism.

Zoram Nationalist Party (ZNF): – This is a recognized state political party formerly known as Mizo National Front (Nationalist). This is one of the popular political parties in mizoram.

Mizoram People’s Conference (MPC)

Ephraim Union (EU)

Ephraim Israel National Convention (EINC)

Hmar People’s Convention (HPC)

Lai People’s Party (LPP)

Reang Democratic Party (RDP)

Defunct Parties:

Mizo Union- merged with Indian National Congress

United Mizo Freedom Organisation (UMFO)- merged with Eastern Indian Tribal Union (EITU)

Eastern Indian Tribal Union (EITU)

Mizo National Front (Democratic) (MNF(D))- MERGED WITH Indian National Congress

Zoram Thar (ZT)- merged with Zoram Nationalist Party

Citizens Common Front (CCF)- merged with Zoram Nationalist Party

Mizo Janata Dal (MJD)- renamed as Mizo People’s Conference

Mizo People’s Conference (Progressive)(MPC(P))- merged with Mizo National Front

Maraland Democratic Front (MDF) – merged with BJP



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