Political Parties in UK

The practice of loose alliance and maintained interests of individuals were followed when initially there were no as such political parties in UK.

There was a dominance of Whigs and the Tories which weren’t termed as full-fledged political parties. Gradually the concept of Left wing and Right wing came into introduction which further led to the formation of Conservative Party and Liberal Party. Since then the Liberals and Conservatives started dominating political scenario until 1920. The dominance of Liberals and conservatives had alternated in formation of government. With which many political parties came into existence.

Listed below are few names of Political Parties of United Kingdom.

  • Conservative Party: – This is the main centre-right political party in UK. They promote British Unionism. It’s the currently governing Party.
  • Co-operative Party: – This party is of centre-leftist opinion. They mainly focus on co-operative values and principles, their roots attached to Parliamentary Committee.
  • Democratic Unionist Party: – This was founded in 1971 which is a political party in Northern Ireland.
  • Green Party: – The stick their base in following principles of social justice, nonviolence and environmentalism.
  • Labour Party: – A broad-church this is a centre- left political party.This altogether joints interests of social-democratic, socialist and trade-unionist.
  • Liberal Democrats: – It’s a merger of Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party and was founded in 1988.
  • Plaid Cymru: – Formed in 1925, this is a social-democratic party which runs in favour of Welsh independence from United Kingdom within European Union.
  • Scottish National Party: – This advocates the Scottish Independence, as this is a Scottish nationalist and social-democratic political party.
  • Sinn Fein: – This party plays an active role in both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It also operates as an ideology of being Left-wing Irish Republican political party.
  • Social Democratic and Labour Party: – This marks its presence in Northern Ireland which is a social-democratic and Irish nationalist party.
  • UK Independence Party: – Setting its presence in United Kingdom, this party is a right-wing populist party with being Eurosceptic.
  • Ulster Unionist Party: – This party sets its base in Northern Ireland where the party gained huge support in nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The above mentioned are some of Political Parties in United Kingdom which are represented in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

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