Popular UK Political Leaders

The pattern of the United Kingdom functions within the framework of a Constitutional Monarchy, where the Monarch is declared as the Head of the State. It is also a Unitary Democracy which helds Prime Minister as the Head of the Government.

Below listed are few most famous Political Leaders of The United Kingdom.

Margaret Thatcher: – Being a leader from the Conservative Party, Margaret has served as UK Prime Minister FROM 1979-1990.

Tony Blair: – Anthony Charles Lynton Blair belongs to Leader of the Labour Party and has served as a Prime Minister of UK from 1997-2007.

Elizabeth ll: – She has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The royal highness has been in position since 1952, as in the longest among British Monarchs.

David Cameron: – He is also known as David William Donald Cameron, who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2010. David belongs to nation’s Conservative Party.

Gordon Brown: – Also referred as James Gordon Brown, is one of the most influential politicians who went to become 52nd Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He was the successor of Tony Blair.

Lord Mountbatten: – He was the last viceroy of Independent India and Governor-General of Independent India.

Jeremy Corbyn: – Jeremy was known famously for being a Politician and a Trade Unionist. He was a veteran politician serving the ideology for the Labour Party.

Winston Churchill: – He was a British Statesman, an Army Officer, and also a Writer. He had served as a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945 and from 1951-1955.

Stanley Baldwin: – He was a British Conservative politician, who served as a Prime Minister thrice between 1923 and 1937.

Rab Butler: – Also known as Richard Austen Butler served the ideology of the Conservative Party. He tasted the fame while being Education Minister. He amended various methods for the betterment in Education sector.

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