Punjab Political Background

Punjab can take pride in becoming a stable political power today as this state has seen a long era of turbulent political instability and terrorism. Post partition in 1947, INC has been a dominant party in Punjab and rigorous multi-party politics shook the state after it was separated from Haryana and Chandigarh. Since then alliance government of Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP or INC have been ruling the state alternatively accompanied by President’s rule at times due to instability and terrorist activities. No doubt the state has come along a long way since independence.

Prominent Parties in Punjab

  • Indian National Congress
  • Bharatiya Janta Party
  • Aam Aadmi Party
  • Shiromani Akali Dal

The Legislature

Punjab has a unicameral system of lawmaking body and has one house.

State Legislative Assembly

Punjab Legislative Assembly holds 117 seats, and tenure of five years. The first Assembly was summoned in 1937 then the state had two houses at Legislation till 1970, when it was turned into unicameral legislation. The Assembly is headed by CM of the state.

Punjab Lok Sabha Election 2014- An Overview

The results of the Lok Sabha 2014 elections did not go in accordance with the opinion poll. AAP grabbed a maximum number of seats with Shiromani Akali Dal, just opposite the speculations Congress could not make the government here. Punjab has 13 Lok Sabha seats of which 4 are reserved for SCs. No clear winner was declared after the polls were over.

Upcoming Elections

It is going to be fascinating to see who would lead the race in Lok Sabha Elections and Assembly Elections of Punjab 2019. As it would be a battle of regaining the party in power for Congress as well as for AAP against the ongoing Modi Wave in the country. Gaining the power in Punjab is going to be of key importance for both the parties as AAP leader Kejriwal and Congress scion, Rahul Gandhi have been nursing their ambitions for the central government.

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