Read These Books Before You Dream To Be A Politician

Read These Books Before You Dream To Be A Politician

Books have the knowledge; books have a perspective which we cannot see. And, when it comes to politics then, books are the only thing that can make you prepare for the upcoming challenges in the political. The work by the well-popular authors has showcased the deep history of the election and candidates that you should read:

So, here are the 5 most powerful books on Indian politics that you need to read:

Book 1: When Crime Pays
Writer: Milan Vaishnav

This book is far from the common thinking as you can read co-existence of crime and politics. It has the most quintessential flamboyant politician story that has put ahead from crime to politics. If you want to be a political leader then, it is really important to read this book.

Book 2: The Modi Effect
Writer: Lance Price

This book covered the emergence of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India who is known as the PM with social media. This book launched after the 2014 election. In this book, you will read the convo between the Price and Modi. As well as, other people who are involved in his journey. It is a wonderful reflection of how extensive amounts of support worked together to a single electoral objective.

Book3: The Victory Lab
Writer:  Sasha Issenberg

This book is not revolving around Indian politics but, it is merely based on the political academics and campaign consultants from the U.S. which will help you to build huge perspective. It gives you a look to decide where an individual would vote even before he/she knows it. It is one of the most popular books to read before starting political career.

Book 4: Why India Votes
Writer: Mukulika Banerjee

This book will illustrate you how election works in India. You can read the entire journey from there to therein. This book was launched before the election of 2014. This book has a common concept of why Indian citizen should vote. The remarkable work of Dr Banerjee made his book one of the best books to consider.

Book 5: How India Became Democratic
Writer: Ornit Shani

This book leads in the list of India’s best political book. It gives a huge history of the Indian electoral process. It will help an aspiring politician to understand and put things into the right perspective. You can also able to read the role of the election commission of India. A senior lecturer in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Haifa or Dr Shani has penned down the history of the universal adult franchise is the right manner.

These are the best books that you should read before dream to enter politics. Apart from these, you can also read some inspiring book on leadership as well as read The Free Voice by Ravish Kumar which is known as the book with wide perspective.

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