Should Politicians Have a Minimum Qualification

When it comes to politics churning up new debates will always be the name of the game. The question should politicians have a minimum qualification has been doing the rounds for a long time.

Education maybe an enlightening experience but is it absolutely right to judge a person based on his or her qualification? Most of us will say Yes to that. The general thought of common people is education builds up a persons’ eligibility. Well, in a world where the topmost businesses are owned by are school dropouts, education fails to prove its importance. Let’s have a contradictory view on the necessity of minimum educational qualification for politicians.

Education enhances knowledge – True or false? A question to ponder

It is said that going to school, college and pursuing further studies builds up great knowledge. The truth of this statement is yet to be judged. If you have noticed we really don’t get to gather knowledge related to current affairs when we are into studying books. One can learn the rich heritage and the essence of a country’s past but will it do anything good for someone who is willing to become an accountant in professional life? If it is applicable for common man then how can it be any different for the politicians?

Education is the first step towards great manners –a very controversial issue

When it comes to manners of course our school life plays a major role. It is true that a person’s actual grooming starts from the initial stage of life and school have got a major contribution to do in this. Studies have shown that uneducated politicians have failed to win the hearts of people. They have not been successful in running a state properly. The politicians who lack education do not have the correct knowledge to handle critical situations. Thy bows down to unethical ways of controlling crisis hit situations. This makes education a must in the world of politics.

Here are few of the highly educated politicians in India :-

  1. Dr,Manmohan Singh –Regarded as one of the most qualified politicians in India, Dr.Singh has a great CV to display. He not only earned a bachelor’s degree in economics but he went ahead to complete his master’s degree in the same subject in 1954. He also achieved his Economics Tripos from University of Cambridge. Even after getting so many degrees, Dr.Manmohan Singh could not stop himself from getting involved in 1.86 lakh crore coal scam.
  2. Pawan Kumar Bansal –A pretty good name in the world of policis, Pawan Kumar basal has two degrees to his name. He has completed bachelor’s degree in science as well as in law. However, such educational degrees could not save Bansal from the ‘Railway Bribery Scam’.
  3. Sheila Dikshit – One of the most influential political leaders of all time, Sheila Dikshit is also one of the highly educated politicians in India. Her educational qualification says that, she holds a master’s degree in Arts. Even after such strong background, Sheila Dikshit was one of the key accused in the Rs.35,000 crore scam that took place in the Commonwealth games.

No one can ignore the power of education. It is also true that a minimum educational qualification for politicians should be introduced. But is has to be remembered that education can never help in building up a good personality or moral. It can never enhance the decision making ability or promptness. It depends on an individual how he or she is going to portray himself or herself in front of the world. This makes all the real difference.


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