Telangana Political Background

As the outcome of several demands and violent strikes of the locals of the region, the state of Telangana was formed and came into existence on 2nd June 2014. The state shares its capital with Andhra Pradesh and it will remain so for 10 years. The first elections in the newly formed state for the Lok Sabha and assembly seats took place in 2014.Since formation; this state has been a battlefield of major parties of the country. Many regional groups have been formed and are ruling the state politics.

Major Political Parties in Telangana

National Level Parties, All India Trinamool Congress    AITC, Bahujan Samaj Party    BSP, Bharatiya Janata Party    BJP, Communist Party of India    CPI, Communist Party of India (Marxist)    CPI (M), Indian National Congress    INC, Nationalist Congress Party.

State Level Parties

Telugu Desam Party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)

The Legislature

The Telangana Legislature is currently bicameral comprising of two houses.

State Legislative Assembly-The lower house is called the Telangana Legislative Assembly. At present, the Legislative Assembly consists of 119 Members.

State Legislative Council-The upper house, known as the Telangana Legislative Council, has lesser powers than the Assembly and several of its members are nominated by the Assembly. Currently, the Legislative Council consists of 40 members. Others are elected from various sections of the society like electoral colleges.

Telangana Assembly Elections 2014- An Overview

Telangana was a newly formed state in 2014 when the General Elections were held in the country. It participated as a part of Andhra Pradesh then. In the assembly elections, TRS won the maximum number of seats followed by Indian National Congress and TDP.

Upcoming Elections

The new state has seen a lot of political ups and downs since formation. BJP is still budding in the state while the first major party is merely in the hands of KCR. Indian National Congress has burnt its own hands in the state by inappropriate leadership. Another party YCR is still active and busy in Andhra politics so we are only left with KCR and TRS as the strong contenders for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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