Thoughtfully Rebellious Tarek Fatah

Thoughtfully Rebellious

Tarek Fatah is a well-known columnist, writer, critic, radio host, media commentator, revolutionary speaker and an intelligent rebel. His views and opinions are precious and his words are regarded as words of wisdom.  

Tarek Fatah is a well-known name in India. A person, whose name was practically unheard of a few years ago, rose to prominence after he made public appearances on Indian television and other forms of media.

Fatah means victory and Tarek Fatah has been winning the hearts of many millions of his supporters (most of whom are young Indians) through his speeches, public appearances, books and columns. He was born in Pakistan, worked in Saudi Arabia, lives in Canada and is an Indian by heart.

Tarek originally belongs to a Hindu Rajput family from Rajasthan. His forefathers moved to Punjab and embraced Islam. Tarek was born in Pakistan and studied at the Karachi University. He was a reporter in PTV (Pakistan Television) from 1972 to 1978.

He then served in various capacities in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Though he lives in Canada, he keeps a close watch on the happenings in India, especially the socio-political ones.

Though he is a specialist in Islamism, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Canadian politics; his knowledge about India and its past is fascinating and enlightens people.

Tarek’s recent India visit

Tarek was on a visit to India recently. He went to the mighty Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj to take dip in the Triveni Sangam. He was also a part of the Arth – Literature & Cultural Festival held at New Delhi, where he expressed his views on Hinduism.

How he looks at current Indian political scenario?

Tarek feels that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India will be a close contest between the BJP and its opponents. However, Mr. Modi will win this close contest.

He appreciates Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. He feels that Priyanka will play a major role in the election campaign of Congress and has the potential to lead the Congress in future.

In his opinion, students of political science from all over the world must visit India as tourists to study and observe how elections are conducted in the world’s largest democracy and how democracy in India works.

He also feels that regional parties play a very important role in Indian politics which might not be good for the nation in long run. It is better for India to have a few national parties rather than having so many local and regional parties. He expressed his concern at the current political turmoil and happenings in West Bengal.

Why Tarek is so important for India?

Tarek is a critic whose views on Islam, Pakistan, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, attack on India by Mughals and other invaders have been able to transform the way Indians think and feel about the above mentioned points.

His admirer Nishant Sharma from Ajmer says, “Fatah sahab dares to speak the truth fearlessly without fearing even for his own life. His remarks are made thoughtfully and his immense knowledge has been able to bring about a massive change in the way people used to look at the happening around them. The way he got the name of Aurangzeb road in New Delhi changed to APJ Abdul Kalam road and the way he bashes mullahs is highly commendable and heroic. His protest against the use of loud speakers in Indian masjids is also applaudable.”

Abhishek Singh Rajawat from Jaipur feels, “Tarek has opened the eyes of many millions of Indians like me, who had a negative opinion about Hinduism, history and India. I’ve never heard such views from anyone else in my life ever before.”

Tarek’s role in upcoming elections

Tarek Fatah loves India beyond leaps and bound. He means a lot to India and India means a lot to him. He is generally seen as someone whose speeches will favor the right-wing Hindu parties though Fatah is himself from the left both in social and political upbringing as a Marxist.

Though he is not making a strong presence in Indian media these days, he has a lot to say and people wish to hear him speak.

If he makes more appearances be before the Indian media, just before the elections, he can surely inspire and influence a huge number of people and they may reconsider the options they have for casting their votes.

In future, Tarek can play a major role in saying what has never been said or heard before. Though his views are usually disliked and even hated by a section of Muslims; he has nonetheless been able to make a special place for himself in the hearts of his countless admirers, fans and followers, a majority of those feel that Tarek is brutally honest and incredible.

In time to come, it will be witnessed by India how Tarek speaks himself out and how his views shape the election battleground. The more chances he gets to speak; more cautious would be the Indian voters regarding their voting preferences. He needs to be welcomed by Indian media much more, so that people know what they must know!





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