Top 10 Corrupt Politicians in the World

With corrupt practices politician can change the fate of economy and corrupt politicians can also destroy the country’s economy with misuse of resources.

Corruption is the simplest and the best way to earn the money with wrong doings which is a common phenomenon with political leaders nationally and even internationally. Know more about the top 10 most corrupt politicians in the world.

10. Joseph Estrada (Filipino) – Joseph Estrada of Filipino is considered as one of the most corrupt politicians in the world as he stands accused of misusing nation’s funds and wealth for his personal gains and hence has built up huge amount of resources by stealing country’s money.

9. Kim Jong-un (North Korea) – Kim Jong-un is the most corrupt politicians in the world as the leader has built his empire allegedly in a very short period of time by thriving on country’s wealth. He made many assets in foreign and no evidences have been found of those because that all are made from illegal resources.

8. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Guinea) – Teodoro is a politician who is also accused to make most out of the public resources. He stands at eighth position in the list of most corrupt politicians in the world. Though in his era the country emerged as the largest producer of oil but now he is highlighted in the most corrupt leaders in the world.

7. Petro Poroshenko (Ukraine) – The Ukranian politician is named as one of the most corrupt politicians in the world. He has allegedly stolen the money of the country and had made a lot of assets in an illegal way.

6. David Cameron (United Kingdom) – The British Prime Minister David Cameron is among many leaders who are considered to be the most corrupt politicians in the world. He is again accused of transferring country’s funds to various foreign business ventures. He has made a personal fortune out of public wealth.

5. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (United Arab Emirates) – In the list of most corrupt leaders in the world, Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan has been placed on the fifth spot. The President of UAE, The Emir of Abu Dhabi has been accused of misusing country’s resources and allegedly is the man who grabs the wealth from the hands of public through corruption.

4. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson (Iceland) – He is considered as the youngest serving Prime Minister of Iceland and holds an accusation of doing lot of corruption. Sigmundur is also one of the most powerful politicians in Iceland and allegedly has stolen public money for increasing personal wealth.

3. King Salman bin Abdulaziz (Saudi Arabia) – King Salman of Saudi Arabia has been placed third in the list of most corrupt politicians in the world. This is an accusation towards the king as well as the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia that he has many a times misused his powers and funds for his own means.

2. Vladimir Putin (Russia) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of misusing public funds and investing hugely into his foreign business ventures out of public as well as nation’s money. It has been proved that he has made many companies from public wealth which he gathered through corruption.

1. Nawaz Sharif (Pakistan) – The Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is one of the most corrupt politicians in the world as currently he is a culprit and serving a jail term in Pakistan. Sharif is accused of stealing money of the country and investing it abroad for multiple business ventures on a personal account and is termed as a magnate who has built his empire through corruption. He is a name in the Panama papers leak.

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